Amir Reaziat has created a wave of success in digital marketing and business development

Amir Reaziat
Amir Reaziat

Amir Reaziat is today a name to be reckoned with in the world of ecommerce and digital marketing. His start up Inspiring Synergies has already amassed great success. Amir Reaziat has a backing of over 20 years of experience. Academically he is a Master’s of Science in e-commerce and marketing, He has a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering. use Amir Reaziat s his education to implement it in his day-to-day business dealings. Amir has a strong network of business contacts in Dubai. He has spent 17 years in Dubai and established a good business circle.

Amir Reaziat
                                                                                                 Amir Reaziat

Amir Reaziat has led a busy corporate life which required him to jet set all across the world for meetings and business. He harbours the vision of educating young professionals in the business world through his experience and learning. He has used his experience as a lecturer to educate others. He teaches professionals all the intricacies of business. Amir Reaziat is currently working as the Director Business Development of “Oracle.” This American Multinational computer technology company is known for its expertise and quality in database design and software. Oracle ranks as the second largest software company according to its revenue capitalization. He is in charge of the sales and business development for Eastern Europe and Africa. He strongly believes in helping others succeed in their business ventures. His company and he together work dedicatedly towards that. Brands can achieve success and profit consistency under his able guidance and support. Amir Reaziat believes there should be a strong connection and network post COVID  19 as this pandemic has taken a toll on business relationships. Establishing string business connections is imperative for success. His company offers campaign management services, for businesses with limited funds.

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