An Introduction to Coupa Test Automation

An Introduction to Coupa Test Automation

Coupa offers businesses a natural procure-to-pay solution that aids in growing procurement demand. Coupa’s adaptability is its driving force. In contrast to other platforms, Coupa is open. To facilitate customer integration, Coupa enables partners to create ERP-specific Adapters/Connectors.

It is simple to understand why Coupa testing is becoming a more high-profile activity within the corporate IT field given the significance of Coupa and the industry’s rapid expansion.

This blog will discuss the significance of Coupa test automation and why Opkey is the best test automation tool for Coupa testing requirements.

Coupa test automation: Why is it important?

Businesses must test their Coupa apps because they are highly customized to their operations. Coupa upgrades may affect each organization differently and have the potential to damage customizations and application functioning. Organizations must verify their Coupa integrations to make sure they continue to function as required in addition to making sure the Coupa apps themselves continue to function as intended.

Each year, Coupa rolls out three seasonal upgrades that are required for all customers, in addition to other improvements all year round. Additionally, Coupa gives businesses the freedom to release their own updates and modifications to address business needs. These modifications must also be rigorously tested to ensure that business continuity and customer relationships are not jeopardized.

Coupa test automation shortens testing time: It takes weeks for testers and QA teams to communicate about issues discovered during manual testing.  Because virtual machines can run tests continuously throughout the day and night, unlike manual testers, Coupa test automation tools enable fast feedback loops, allowing developers to move code from development to build more quickly and adopt DevOps.

Coupa test automation lowers testing costs: Many times, organizations manually test too many non-critical processes, go over their testing budgets or timetables. Which results in them having to spend a ton of money fixing an issue that got into production. Because automated testing can be done continually, bugs are discovered considerably earlier in the testing process, which makes them cheaper to correct. Since you can reuse automated test scripts indefinitely at no additional expense after creating them, automated testing ends up being less expensive in the long term.

Coupa test automation reduces risk: Because virtual machines execute the tests instead of actual people, automated testing helps to lower risk. Unlike manual testers, these machines are not worn out by tedious, repetitive work and offer a thorough audit trail for compliance needs.

Coupa test automation using Opkey

Now that you’ve hopefully realized how important test automation is to maximize the potential of your Coupa platform, let’s discuss why Opkey is the best tool for Coupa testing. Here are the main factors that influence clients’ decisions to automate Coupa test cases with Opkey:

Opkey’s test mining technology discovers your Coupa test cases:

Opkey extracts information and parameters straight from client Coupa instances in order to comprehend employee operations as well as previous test results. Weeks of business process documentation sessions are cut off as a result. Through the creation of autonomous tests, Opkey also recommends tests to fix coverage gaps.

Opkey provides no-code test generation to allow continuous testing:

Any employee regardless of technical proficiency can contribute to test automation thanks to Opkey’s no-code platform. Opkey provides two code-free approaches to record business operations for Coupa customers who are mostly not programmers: Using an intuitive drag-and-drop test builder, automated tests may be created and saved in Opkey’s library. Alternatively, users can record their actions and construct automated tests by simply going through their usual workflows. Read about it Why study an MBA?

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