Android 15 is ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’ and That Makes Me satisfied

Android 15 is ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’ and That Makes Me satisfied

It’s most effective March 3 and we’re most effective simply now getting acquainted with early builds of Android 14, codenamed upside down Cake. but, thanks to eagle eyed-folks including Mishaal Rahman, we are able to now verify that next yr’s Android 15 might be codenamed Vanilla Ice Cream.

This statistic is directly from Google’s own code, with the enterprise’s Android engineers apparently already hard at work on what’s to return in the destiny. After I pass dug thru that source code, I might as nicely be looking at an alien language, so I will talk about what they will be working on, however, I’m certain something it is, it’s extremely good.


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Why is that this splendid?

Within Android global, we have something referred to as Vanilla Android. Vanilla is a tasty word used to update “stock Android,” which I wouldn’t say sounds dull, but its method it’s the maximum simple construct of the OS without custom skin or UI tweaks from manufacturers. The fact that we can get an Android version referred to as Vanilla appears like an easter egg in and of itself, that is quality. It reminds us of the coolest ol’ days.

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