Anne Heche Severely Burned After Crashing Car into Home Igniting Fire

Anne Heche Severely Burned After Crashing Car into Home Igniting Fire

Anne Heche Severely Burned After Crashing Car into Home Igniting Fire, After being involved in a serious car accident, ELLEN Degeneres’ ex-wife Anne Heche was brought to the hospital suffering from “severe burns.”

On Friday, the actress was involved in a terrible accident in which her vehicle collided with a house, resulting in an intense fire.

On August 5 in Los Angeles, Anne, age 53, was a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in an accident and was transported to a nearby hospital on a stretcher.

According to TMZ’s reporting, the collision took place “shortly after noon in the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles.”

She was behind the wheel of a blue Mini Cooper when she pulled into the parking garage of an apartment building.

The news organization was informed by witnesses that occupants of the apartment complex attempted to pull the woman out of the vehicle.

However, the celebrity put the vehicle in reverse and then started driving away once more.

According to TMZ, she then collided with a house in the area, starting a fire.

The house was completely consumed by the “major” fire that broke out.


Anne reportedly “suffered burns in the fire,” and TMZ reports that her clothing was “charred” as she was taken away on the stretcher.

As she was being transported to the ambulance, she flailed around while she was “wrapped in a white towel.”

A snapshot that was obtained by TMZ shows Anne with her hand resting on a gearshift. In the background of the photo is a clear glass bottle with a red cap.

According to the source, the contents of the bottle look to be alcohol even if it is unclear exactly what kind of container it is.

It is currently unknown how severe her injuries are, and she is apparently being intubated at the hospital, but there is no reason to fear for her life at this time.

According to TMZ, her current condition has precluded medical professionals from determining whether or not she was driving under the influence of alcohol.


She and Ellen were one of the first openly gay couples in the mainstream when they dated for a total of three years between the years 1997 and 2000.

Reportedly, they considered entering into a civil partnership in the hopes that one day it might be legitimate.

They parted ways on friendly terms and made the news together.

One day after the news was released, Anne knocked on the door of a total stranger and asked to use their shower and put on their slippers.

The homeowner allowed her to come inside and take a shower before contacting the authorities.

Six Days, Seven Nights, Donnie Brasco, and the new version of Psycho are just a few of Anne’s famous cinema roles that she has played.

After Anne’s relationship with Ellen became public, she was sacked from her job at Six Days.

Harrison Ford, who played her co-star in the film, reportedly defended her and stated the following: “To tell you the truth, my darling, I could care less who you’re sleeping with because we have a movie to create. Let’s make this one out to be the best of all time.”

The romantic comedy set on an island ultimately found its way into movie cinemas, starring both her and Harrison in central roles.

Blackout, Save Me, Hung, and Men in Trees are just a few of the shows that she has appeared on television.

She was honored with a Daytime Emmy Award for her performance in the drama series Another World in the year 1991.


After her breakup with Ellen, Anne started dating Coleman Laffoon, a cameraman whom she had met during the course of her romance with Ellen.

In 2002, they tied the knot and welcomed a son, whom they named Homer.

After being married for five years, the pair decided to split, and Anne began a relationship with James Tupper, who was also a cast member of Men in Trees.

They welcomed a baby into the world in 2009 and called him Atlas.

In 2018, James and Anne ended their relationship, and since then, she has not been associated with any significant public relationships.

According to Radar Online, Anne has accused James of allegedly locking her out of their home in Los Angeles together with their kid.

James responded by implying in court that she had engaged in “extensive drug usage” on her end, all of which took place in the midst of a custody fight over their kid.

In the year 2020, she was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars.

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