Anthony Cataldo creates cancer’s new serial killer bringing hope for many patients


Anthony Cataldo tells us how he has created a cancer therapy that uses the natural killer cells of the body and works effectively. They stand apart from the others in their industry in this unique initiative. Anthony Cataldo discloses how he and his team have worked towards training the natural killer cells to attack only the cancer cells and not the other healthy cells. This treatment works wonders for cancer patients.


Anthony Cataldo further goes on to add that after they owned the CAR-T cell therapy, they realised the huge cost that it involved and how financially taxing it would be for the cancer patients. Their main objective then became to focus on a cheaper, effective and more affordable option.

His company GT Biopharma Inc. is a clinical stage cell therapy company that is based on natural killer cells. They are listed on NASDAQ and are changing the way cancer is treated currently.

His company is providing hope to people who had been dejected and unhappy at being victims of this deadly disease. His company is currently focusing on acute myeloid leukaemia and a cancer therapy for it.

Commenting on his secret for quick success, he says it is focusing on the right goals and having the right team in place to execute those. A lot of hard work and effort has gone into researching the correct goals and planning long term action for those objectives, by him and his team he says. The entire team ahs been coached and trained to be on the same page so that there is no discrepancy in understanding adds Anthony Cataldo. A strong plus point of the company is that they are able to source the best talent in the industry for their team and retain them too.

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