Astrology – Zodiac signs predictions 11th April 2021

Astrology – Zodiac signs predictions 11th April 2021 Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

It’s the weekend today and who doesn’t want to glance at what the day has in store for them ? Even if you aren’t the types who believe in predictions and astrology, this column is sure to raise the curiosity bar ……so read on zodiac birthday cards


Aries zodiac sign people will be prone to making mistakes today. They will also end up leaving incomplete work. For those in business who have applied for a licence of any kind there are chances that it will materialise. Family bonding will be good today. Guard against any personal injuries.


Taurus zodiac sign people will achieve their goals today. The work front is promising without any obstacles. A family outing or party is possible in the evening. 

Astrology – Zodiac signs predictions 11th April 2021


Gemini zodiac sign people will be given added responsibilities today. The professional front looks very promising and appealing for you. For those in a relationship you may either call it quits today or decide on strengthening the bond through matrimony.


Cancer zodiac sign people have a positive day lined up with very good news. Family life will be good. Exercise patience with youngsters.


Leo zodiac sign people may spend quality time with their family today. Your energy levels may nit be too high without harming your health and general wellbeing. Avoid impulse buying. Don’t take crucial decisions today as there are high chances that they may go wrong.


Virgo zodiac sign people will achieve a lot at work and will earn praise from their superiors. Be sensitive to people around you and try and help those in need if they approach you. Remain calm and positive do not let arrogance creep into your behaviour with others today.


Libra zodiac sign people have a lot to be happy about today. They will remain in a good mood today. Good news from a youngster in the family will come in today.  You may start planning a new venture or a new job today.


Scorpio zodiac sign people will see hurdles and roadblocks of the past disappear today. Monetary gain is indicated You may spend a great part of the day speaking to your siblings and family.


Sagittarius zodiac sign people will be prone to nagging today. Safeguard against gossip and try and focus on work on hand. You must also protect yourself against common cough and cold and remain careful while travelling.


Capricorn zodiac sign people will achieve their goals today. Renovation of your home may be on your mind and which will take place.  


Aquarius zodiac sign people will remain active and in good health today. Monetary gain is indicated. Family gatherings are also indicated today.


Pisces zodiac sign people will work hard today and achieve good results. Your partner will support you in every way. A surprise visit by a good friend is also indicated today. The Future of Science: Will it be Dominated by Exact Scientists?

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