Attorney Elliott Owen Lipinsky authors Space Pup – a fun book for kids.

Well known attorney Elliott Owen Lipinsky from Selma, Alabama, has ventured into the world of writing. In a seemingly unrelated correlation between the two professions, this book comes as a wonderful endeavour.

Elliott and his team of noted professionals deal with corporate law. They advise a cross section of clients from small to big in the Montgomery area on all aspects of corporate law.

Elliott and his team also have a proven track record of advising on tax law matters in the Montgomery area. They are well known for their expertise in innovation and handling high profile cases with ease and competence.


Transitioning from a world of courtrooms and tax matters, Elliott Owen Lipinsky transports us to a world of fun and intriguing illustrations. His book for children is titled “Space Pup & the Fantastic Adventures of the Fearless, Handsome & Brilliant Commander Elrod Cannon & His Loving Happy Normal Human Family and Earth Cat Sprocket.” This book documents the adventures of a pup from another world. This book targets readers in age group of 3 – 18 years. It is written in the English language with a print length of 55 pages. Published in November 2020, this book has garnered good readership and public acclaim.

Authored by Elliott Owen Lipinsky, this book is jointly illustrated by him and his wife C.N. (Caroline) Lipinsky with Alina Miller’s assistance.

This amazing book is available on Amazon Prime and has a kindle edition as well. The kindle edition is priced at $1.99.

Elliott has through this book established how the mundane fact ridden world of courtrooms and cases, need not limit one’s creativity. He has displayed how imagination can soar and create a fun environment that children can be a part of and enjoy to the fullest!

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