Award winning singer, song writer and actor, Micah Wilis launches his new song “Toxic Love”

Micah Wilis
Micah Wilis

Micah Wilis is a popular song writer, singer and actor. His recent release is “Toxic Love.” His earlier songs have also won him a lot of fame and popularity. Micah Wilis started his career early and has gained early success with a huge fan following. His previous song before this latest one is titled “Forgot” and is rated as one of his best compositions till date. Micah Wilis started at an early age with a penchant for learning. Kenny Neal, his father was a professional blues musician and imparted all the relevant knowledge of music to his son right from Micah Wilis’s childhood. 

Micah Wilis
                                                                                                    Micah Wilis

It would not be wrong to say that owing to his background and his father’s skills Micah Wilis was naturally gifted. He then went on to practice dedicatedly and achieved great success owing to his hard work and talent. Commenting on his new release “Toxic Love” Micah says that the world will be exposed to a song with visual experience. This was composed by him at the very young age of 18 years while he was still studying and in college. 

He was studying commercial music, though it was not formally released, it continued to be his favourite while performing at shows. Recently he decided to get the band in the studio and filmed and recorded it live. He says that his intent was to keep the song raw and make the audience connect with him as if they were in his concert. This experience would help his audience understand in entirety what a Micah Wilis live concert would feel like. He acknowledges his band members Evan Wharton, Zach Boorman, Matt Wilson, Christian Lucy and Refiner Productions for working towards making his song shape up exactly the way he wanted it to. Micah Wilis has a packed and very hectic schedule but he divides it between LA and Salt Lake City effectively.

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