Ayesha Ziya uses the power of social marketing to reach her global customer base

Ayesha Ziya
Ayesha Ziya

The Middle East is regarded as the seat of perfumes. Entrepreneur, Ayesha Ziya the CEO of Ayesha Ziya Fragrances, based in Preston, England has included the Middle East too in her marketing plan. The Ayesha Ziya Fragrances brand is a well-known brand in the luxury perfumery category. These fragrances combine the aromas of the Middle East and some ingredients from this region to create some divine fragrances, each replete with its ‘own unique characteristics. Ayesha Ziya established her business venture 6 years ago and has added Dubai to her expansion plan recently.

Ayesha Ziya
                                      Ayesha Ziya

With the opening of this second office, she has enhanced her global reach. Her ambitious expansion plans also include expanding in Europe and beyond. Ziya’s prized aromas include the wonderful tradition of Arabia within the 7 fragrances. Her offerings also include beautiful gift sets, velvety bakhoor burners. This wide range is sure to attract a huge international client base. Ayesha believes that a love for the craft with knowledge of combining exotic oils and scents is the secret behind the mesmerizing fragrances.

Right from her childhood, Ayesha had a fascination for perfumes. She was enamored by how her mother would mix perfume oils and use them. Her curiosity led her to experiment with and learn about this. She finally decided to pursue this as a profession. She has studied perfumery in her college and is well versed with the intricacies involved in this art. Running this luxury line of business its own ups and downs or her but nothing could out beat her passion and enthusiasm and she overcame all the initial difficulties to emerge as a well-known name in the luxury perfumery industry. A new line of car fresheners will be launched in the coming  months as part of her product expansion plan!

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