Bahare Salehnia posts some memorable pictures on social media and also educates people in photography

bahare salehnia
bahare salehnia

Photography and that too portrait photography has been given a new dimension, by influencer and portrait photographer Bahare Salehnia.  Famous American artist Lorenzo Scott has said that the picture that a camera produces is what one wants to create in reality. Bahare Salehnia says that the essence of photography is to create memorable pictures that match reality. Iranian Photographer Bahare Salehnia has created some of the most memorable pictures for social media. Through the same platform i.e., social media she gives her audience easy video-based instructions on photography.

bahare salehnia
       Bahare Salehnia

Today Bahare is known as a photographer, educator, retoucher, and Instagram influencer. She is extremely passionate about photography and imparts education on the same in a very easy and easy-to-follow manner. Photography is generally subjective and depends on how a person sees or views it. She educates people on how to click memorable pictures and also how to pose in a better way. 

Popularity and visibility on social media are very important. It creates an aura and impression about a person in the world of social media with a single click. Everybody today aspires for instant fame, but that is the result of a well-thought-out strategy. Bahare has held very interesting sessions on social media that include how to pose in front if a mirror how to take memorable water shots and many other topics. She strongly believes in following a process, for success instead of just putting in random work.

Bahare Salehnia is an inspiration for all those who want to make a successful career in photography. She imparts training on all the intricacies that are needed for success. She takes up the minutest of details in teaching what goes into creating excellent and memorable photography.

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