Ben Gurion airport remains operational despite flight cancellations by foreign airlines.

Ben Gurion airport remains operational despite flight cancellations by foreign airlines.

Ben Gurion airport remains operational despite flight cancellations by foreign airlines. Arrivals and departures at Ben Gurion airport have been disrupted due to Hamas’ unexpected attack on Israel. However, the Israel Airports Authority has declared that Ben Gurion Airport and Ramon Airport, located near Eilat, are operational once more, accommodating incoming and outgoing flights.

Terminal 1 at Ben Gurion Airport has been temporarily closed; only Terminal 3 is operational now. Today, Ben Gurion airport is anticipated to be traversed by 60,000 passengers, including many Israelis returning from overseas vacations and soldiers returning to their army units after brief stays abroad.

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Numerous international airlines, such as Lufthansa, Air France, and Wizz Air, have canceled all flights to and from Israel due to insurance coverage issues that prevent them from flying to the country during a conflict.

While airlines are not legally obligated to compensate passengers for flight cancellations caused by “force majeure” such as war, passengers can expect refunds of fares or alternative tickets.

Cancellation of flights is permitted within fourteen business days of the flight reservation; however, a 5% or NIS 100 cancellation charge will be assessed.

In light of this, Israeli airlines have expanded their international flight options to accommodate Israelis who desire to return home. Additional flights to Athens, Prague, and Bucharest have been added.

For the next three days, Arkia is granting passengers the ability to terminate their flights via email without incurring any cancellation fees.

El Al has stated that there are no alterations to its flight schedules; however, international passengers may advance their return flight until October 13 at no additional cost, and those scheduled to depart for a trip abroad before October 13 may freeze their tickets without incurring any additional charges. Foreign-bound passengers whose return is prepared before October 13 may reschedule their flight at no extra cost.

Israel provides a comparable degree of flexibility. Before October 13, passengers departing from Tel Aviv can rescind or reschedule their journey “without incurring any cancellation fees and in exchange for a voucher redeemable at a later date for the same amount.” Passengers who wish to advance their flight to Israel and ensure their return before October 13 may do so without incurring any additional charges, contingent upon the availability of spaces on the particular flight. Additionally, passengers from other countries who wish to defer their trip back to Israel may do so at no additional cost, contingent upon the availability of flight seats. Israel requests that the passengers inform the company of their arrival cancellation so that alternative passengers may be granted entry into Israel.

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