Bienvenue Osee Biography, Age, Career, Education, Girlfriend, Net Worth.

Bienvenue Osee Biography, Age, Career, Education, Girlfriend, Net Worth.

Bienvenue Osee is a music producer, composer and melody maker based in Vancouver, BC Canada. Osee has always been passionate about music from a young age but never had the right mentor to guide him towards the right direction until in 2018 when he met his brother-in-law, Major Mugisho who is a singer, song writer, composer, Producer, Mixing and Mastering engineer.

Osee has found his own style by learning from his mentor, listening to any type of songs regardless of the genre, by watching YouTube tutorials and by combining genres together such as Afrobeat, Zouk, Rnb, Trap, Lo-fi music, EDM / Electronic into his work.

Bienvenue Osee Biography, Age, Career, Education, Girlfriend, Net Worth.

Age and Place of Birth

Bienvenue Osee is 26 years old as of the year 2022. He was born in the Republic Democratic of Congo and Moved to Canada at the age of 12.

Education Background

Bienvenue Osee Graduated from a French school in Vancouver British Columbia where he studied business & entrepreneurship at KPU University and Residential Real Estate at University of British Columbia

Music Career Journey

Before embarking in to the music production career, Osee was pursuing a Soccer career but unfortunately he couldn’t proceed with the training due to the high fees in the Canadian soccer system.

He started being interested in music at the age of 5 when he used to go to church with his uncle who at that time used to play the bass guitar. After the evening services while his uncle was talking to his choir members, Osee would sit on the Grand Piano and play random stuff even though he did not have any knowledge on how to play piano.

  • Osee Songs/Songs Produced By Osee Monthly Bawa : Repeat
  • Bk Tequila Feat. David Dueñas, Didy Msondo, Osee
  • Bk : Tonight X Osee Bk : London feat Osee
  • David Dueñas: De Recreo Bk : Energy Feat. Fiorella
  • Oomaar Barbar X Jordan C – Majidhiyo Waa Jidhaa Fiorella – Distance X Osee
  • Fiorella : Done X Osee
  • Jeremy King : Trema Isaac Mocharski: Fly Away

Osee Music:

How did a young man from democratic Republic of Congo STARTED his journey in helping artists reach their goals?

Osee Music provides underserved youth & other members of our community who can not afford the cost of music production with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in music production with the industry’s standard quality.

We empower at-risk and underserved youth from all over the Lower Mainland & All over Canada.

Through the powers of arts education, building a relationship. It is a great opportunity for artists, music lovers, and passionate community members who share the belief that

music – learning music, being surrounded by music, being part of the music-making process – is a powerful tool in generating a positive social transformation.

We believe that music is an opportunity that should be accessible to all regardless of their social or economic status while keeping it affordable. Follow Him on Instagram @itsmeosee Website: 

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