Block Puzzle – An Interesting Puzzle Game That Will Blow Your Mind

Block Puzzle - An Interesting Puzzle Game That Will Blow Your Mind

Block Puzzle – An Interesting Puzzle Game That Will Blow Your Mind: It is well known that games of all kinds are an integral part of recreational activities. Not only do games help people relax, unwind and destress from fast-paced lifestyles and hectic day-to-day activities, but they are also very beneficial in various aspects of life and help to promote better mental health. Puzzle games are especially helpful in this regard. This blog talks about one of the world’s most widely played puzzle games: Block Puzzle!

What is Block Puzzle?

Block Puzzle is one of the most popularly played games on a smartphone, tablet, or computer today. Playing this game involves arranging a block or a cluster of blocks arranged in different shapes and patterns on a 9×9 grid board. In this game, the objective is to clear as many squares on the board so that space for new blocks gets created. The blocks can be arranged by moving them across the grid and positioning them in such a way that clusters of the same colored blocks get cleared, leading to the creation of space for new blocks to take their place. However, an important point to keep in mind is to ensure that the grid does not get filled up by blocks – because if that happens, it is game over, and the player loses!

The Block Puzzle game traces its origins to the game of Tetris, which gained immense fame back in its day. Tetris itself was built on fairly simple rules of gameplay, and it had established itself as one of the great early video games. Over time, numerous variations of the game have been created, and each of these variants has found its own place in the world of video games.

Nowadays, in view of the availability of high-speed internet services across India and the rest of the world, it is possible to play block puzzle online at any time, and from any place, one wishes to. It is also possible to play this game with real players from different parts of the world as well!

Block Puzzle is a game that is popular across all age groups, and the simplicity of the game is what gives it its tremendous appeal.

How can one get started with Block Puzzle?

It is very easy to get started with the Block Puzzle game. The first thing one needs to do is download the app and install the game. For those who are new to the game, there are free practice games available as well, which have been offered keeping beginners in mind.

For those players who wish to take the plunge straight away, there are 2-player or 5-player cash battles available, as well as Block Puzzle tournaments that are already in progress.

How can one become a pro at playing Block Puzzles?

Even though Block Puzzle is a fairly straightforward game with no complicated rules or tricky techniques, it is one that requires precision and good hand-eye coordination to master the game truly. Here are some handy tips to help any player improve their skills at Block Puzzle:

  1. Plan before you start playing

One of the most important things that a lot of players overlook by being focused on clearing out blocks from the grid is the value of planning beforehand. It is strongly recommended that players plan and control their moves carefully throughout the game so as to avoid a situation where there are an unmanageable number of blocks on the grid which could well lead to a shortage of space for new blocks, in turn leading to a player losing the game. Planning ahead also helps players adapt more easily as the game progresses.

  1. Focus on the vertical and horizontal lines

Since the objective of Block Puzzle is to avoid the piling up of blocks on the grid, it is recommended that players target the vertical and horizontal lines. By creating a line through the process of lining up vertical and horizontal blocks on the grid, more space becomes available on the grid itself, and this also earns players more points!

  1. Clear more columns than one

In the game Block Puzzle, points are scored when clusters or rows or columns of blocks are cleared. However, clusters of the same colored blocks across rows and columns may not always be easily noticeable. To gain an advantage in this situation, targeting specific parts of the grid will go a long way. This will also help the player to earn more points faster, as well as keep their opponent guessing.

  1. Avoid keeping single blank spaces and single unconnected blocks

Singular blocks do not appear often, and in order to clear them, one needs to have at least two more blocks of the same color on either side of the singular block. In case it is impossible to create a cluster of three blocks, it may help to take a closer look at the sides of the grid to see if there may be other ways to place the block so that the requisite cluster can be formed.

  1. Focus more on building lines

There is more than one way to clear a row or a column. This may be done either with a single finger swipe or by taking three consecutive turns. Forming unusual patterns of shapes in a line, such as diamonds or diagonals, is one of the more unconventional yet equally exciting strategies in the game.

  1. Avoid stacking blocks on the board

While playing Block Puzzle, it is crucial not to stack blocks on the grid. Knowing where to place the blocks as they come will be of great help, as well as thinking in advance about the most suitable pieces to place. Also important is to have a good sense of timing and a precise aim, as this will help the player to place the blocks faster than their opponent can, which will increase their chances of winning.


Block Puzzle is a highly engrossing game, and its appeal is timeless. This is not an exhaustive list of tips, but by keeping these useful tips in mind, any player can develop a potentially successful strategy and gain the upper hand in the game. Of course, just like with every other game, practice is essential, and the more one plays Block Puzzle, the more adept one will be!

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