Brandon Beavis teaches the essentials of investments to Canadians

Brandon Beavis
Brandon Beavis

At the young age of just 20, Brandon Beavis became a fully licensed investment advisor. The next step of Brandon Beavis was to join his father’s firm and work for 4 years. He gained immense experience and even helped manage portfolios of multimillion-dollar clients. Brandon Beavis had envisioned a role for himself where he would educate people about the stock market so that they could invest wisely and reap good returns. This would result in a better life for them and their families. He wanted to be an educator in the stock market.

Right, from his early years he developed a keen interest in finance. Brandon Beavis understood that there was a lack of fundamental knowledge amongst the younger generation of Canadians and he chose to address that. He wanted to bridge that gap by imparting their knowledge and understanding. Most of the financial companies were based in the US and hence Canada did not receive proper attention on that account.

Brandon Beavis
 Brandon Beavis

Brandon devised the strategy of using his social media to gain an extensive reach to people. He started using his YouTube platform. This wasn’t started with the aim of earning money but just to build a strong following and visibility. Brandon started posting one weekly video on investment and finance. This effort of his soon translated into getting him a strong fan following and positive engagements and visibility. This encouraged Brandon to launch his own Investing Academy Training. The Academy did very well and he received a very good response from the students. Brandon displayed immense willpower and hard work and his business grew manifold. Today the number of subscribers on his youtube channel exceeds 150,000 and for his training course, there are more than 1000+ students from all over the country.


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