Bridal Shower Planning 101

Bridal Shower Planning 101

If the bachelor party is supposed to go calm, a cozy afternoon is only perfect with the girls! At the Bridal Shower, you really get together in a wedding mood – the ideal preparation for the big day!

Such a bridal party or English “Bridal Shower” is ideal for pregnant women or brides who want to take the hen party calmly. Instead of pulling through the city, you make a relaxing day with your friends at home.

Here we have a lot of nice ideas to celebrate the hen party calmly, but still with a lot of fun!

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1. What is a Bridal Shower?

Who organizes the Bridal Shower?

The Bridal Shower is also organized by the wedding cub instead of the hen party. It is of course a special highlight when the bridal party is a surprise party for the bride. But you can also plan the appointment with the bride just as well and you just don’t reveal what exactly expects them.

A variation of the Bridal Shower: The bride organizes a small bridal party itself to spend some time together with their bridesmaids and plan the last details undisturbed.

Who comes to the Bridal Shower?

Of course, the narrowest friends of the bride. Even if not everyone knows each other or a very mixed group is created – at their bridal party, the bride should all gather their favorite girls who only take care of them.

For a cozy afternoon at the Bridal Shower at home, you shouldn’t be more than 10 to 12 girls overall. After all, you want to spend the day together and not divide into different groups.

When and where is the Bridal Shower?

It is best to organize the bridal party about six weeks before the wedding on a Saturday or Sunday before/afternoon, perhaps also with an evening program and overnight. The Bridal Shower should take place in a place where the bride feels particularly comfortable, e.g. at her home, in the garden, or in her parents’ house. Of course, the bride itself should not have to help with preparation or cleaning up.

Bridal shower thank you cards should be sent within the week following the shower, says Marsch. You don’t want to wait before expressing your appreciation.

2. Enjoy the hen party pregnant

Pregnant brides would like to move through the city with drunken girls.

A cozy bridal party is perfect for pregnant women.

Because the fun factor of a Bridal Shower is undoubtedly just as high as with the classic bachelor party!

It is only important to consider that there is also interesting anti-alcoholic drinks and not just “boring” water.

Coupled with our program ideas for pregnant women, the bridal party for pregnant women becomes as unforgettable as it would have been a party night.

Tip: Try to focus on the hen party and the wedding and leave the pregnancy aside. So the bride can enjoy or not relaxed and get in the mood for the wedding.

3. The invitation to the Bridal Shower

Girls usually plan with attention to detail, so that the invitation to the bridal party or Bridal Shower can be beautifully designed.

In addition to the usual facts (date, time, location), you can already reveal some details about the bridal party in the invitation.

Since not everyone knows this kind of calm hen party, it is best to start with how you imagine the day – for example:

  • “Let’s really get us into a wedding mood with a cozy girls’ afternoon!”
  • “The best joy is anticipation: to get in the mood for the wedding of the bride we celebrate a cozy bridal party!”
  • “Just girls, lots of fun and wedding matters – that and more we will do at the bridal party!”

You can find beautiful, modern bridal shower invitations for your Bridal Shower in our card shop.

4. The Bridal Shower Decoration

On the web, you get wonderful Bridal Shower decorations! Here are a few of our favorites for bridal party decoration.

Party mug in the Bridal Shower style

Of course, drinks also include a Bridal Shower party. In keeping with the crowns, the cups invite you to a drink with his best friends in the “Team Bride” design.

Sweet plate as a bridal shower decoration

The “Team Bride” plates in rose gold go well with the bridal party!

Bridal Shower Garland

Garlands are an easy way to quickly conjure up a festive mood. The trendy copper garland fits perfectly into the rest of the “Team Bride” Bridal Shower Decoration.

5. Beautiful program items for the Bridal Shower

The most important thing at the bridal party: The bride has fun!

So organizes something that is exactly according to the taste of the bride. That can be happy at the picnic or a hen party at home as a fun Pajama Party with sparkling wine.

A few (non-alcoholic) cocktails and delicious snacks are part of the basic equipment of a Bridal Shower and you can also think about a small program. Type of Wedding Chair You Can Rent

Beauty hour

At the wedding, everyone wants to look relaxed and fresh. That is why a beauty program for the Bridal Shower is sure to come up with enthusiasm: masks, manicures, massages and.

Let’s talk about … marry!

Of course, marriage is the number of conversation 1. The bride can only chat all details from the bridal party from the marriage proposal to wedding planning. Then in turn all girls tell how they got married or imagine it. Oh, how beautiful!

Everything is done – check!

Is your bride a little nervous? Or even a bundle of nerves? The panic that she has forgotten or not considered something is getting bigger and bigger. Then you have to calm them down and prove that everything is the palette.

Little things that may still be open can you still lose weight and the last few weeks can take it very relaxed.

(Wedding) film

Wedding films are perfect for a cozy Bridal Shower wedding. Either you look at the best wedding films at the Pajama Party and a few glasses of sparkling wine.

In the afternoon, on the other hand, it is more fun to add a few funny cover photos of wedding films together. This creates a lot of fun and great souvenir photos. The cover prints out, get the right accessories for dressing up, and off you go. Beautiful films to watch or re-enact are about:

• The in-law

• Bride wars

• Four weddings and one death

• The next, please

• The bride herself

• The bride that doesn’t dare

• Fully married

• Bridal alarm

• In love with the bride

Mood board for the wedding

Leafing, snacking, and gluing: gets some wedding magazines and leaf through the Bridal Shower.

What particularly likes the girls is torn out and glued to a white canvas. That inspires the bride with a few nice little things for the wedding and is a great memory of your bridal day! A great program item for the cozy bachelor party.

Decorative fever

It is best tinkered with the girls. Maybe the bride has some decoration on the to-do list that she still wanted to make for the wedding. Then simply finish them together for the Bridal Shower.

Or you still look for something that would enrich the wedding decoration, e.g. pennant chain, pompoms, or photo booth accessories.

Champagne for everyone!

Even if you celebrate the party at home, you can really let it rip! Invested in one of the famous Moët & Chandon champagne magnum bottles – not only a real eye-catcher in the photo shoot but also a guarantee for special enjoyment when toast.

6. Game fun: hen party tasks for the bride at home

Of course, the focus is always on getting married. With small games or suggestions, you just let the topic flow in again and again.

Here we have some suggestions for you on which funny games you can plan at the Bridal Shower. And because they promise an all-around cozy afternoon, all games are also well suited for pregnant women at the hen party.

Road quotes

As in the friendship book back then, it is also a wonderful memory for the wedding if you ask the girls a few questions about the bride and immortalized them in an album. You can think of them individually – but here are a few suggestions:

1. This experience combines me, particularly with the bride and groom:

2. With these three adjectives I would describe the bride…

3. With these three adjectives I would describe the groom…

4. I like that particularly well as a couple:

5. You both remind me of the famous couple … because…

6. In 20 years I will see you…

7. My most beautiful wedding memory is the following, maybe she inspires you…

8. My tip for a DVD evening: My favorite film on the topic of weddings is…

9. Love is a cake, these are my ingredients:

10. My tip for the wedding night:

11. My personal wishes for your marriage are…

You send your questionnaire to all girls in front of the Bridal Shower and let them send them back to you. The best and funniest answers print you and let the bride guess whom you come from. As a reminder, you can still immortalize all the completed questionnaires in an album – for example in a “Bride Book”. More on this below with the gift ideas.

Who am I?

Who does not know and love this game?

The wedding version is of course required as a game at the Bridal Shower:

Think about some well-known lovers from film and reality and write them on adhesive notes. Creativity is required here and it can also be a little bizarre couple…

Every guest of the Bridal Shower gets a note on the forehead and must guess which lovers she represents it.

Tip: Don’t forget to take photos – preferably after the resolution with a suitable face!

Spoonful game

The recipe for a happy marriage, which can’t use it? It is best to put it together for your bride directly in the Bridal Shower and immortalize it.

In addition, everyone gets a wooden spoon on which they write an ingredient. You can either keep this open so that keywords such as trust, love, or fun are written down. Or you put the task: Write down something that the bride and groom should exchange every day.

This can then be a kiss, a compliment, a hug, a thank you, etc. All labeled spoons place her in a beautiful vase that the future couple always reminds of “the little attention” of marriage.

Who knows the bride best?

If a cozy hen party is planned, this game is perfect:

In 5 minutes, the girls have to answer selected questions about the bride and give her some advice, personal words, or a painting on the back. Of course, the bride also fills out a questionnaire itself.

After that, the answers are read in turn and compared to that of the bride. Many laughs are waiting for you here … In the end, the bride can of course keep the arches as a memory.

Style check for the Bridal Shower

The bride ever dresses in white – into a self-designed dress made of toilet paper. Of course, one of the friends also has to take care of the bridal hairstyle and just don’t forget the make-up.

Particularly funny: make-up blind. The makeup artist gets her eyes connected and puts on the bride from behind.

Fiestas smashed

You bring some action to the bridal party with the fiestas.

The figure made of paper Mache is filled with surprises, hung on a tree, and must be smashed by the bride with a stick with the help of a stick.

The girls call instructions and are happy when it rains sweets. Great fun!

Bullshit bingo

Which bride is not upset about nasty sayings about engagement, bachelor party, and wedding? Turn the skewer and just enjoy it. Anyone who hears the most stupid sayings wins. The exact instructions and all variants to print out can be found in the article “Bullshit-Bingo: get married”.

In keeping with this, there is also the bridal spy name, which you can put together for all girls.

7. Bridal Shower gifts

The girls certainly want to bring a little something for the bride. For this, you can join together or put the gifts under a motto.

Preparation for the wedding night

Your girlfriend already has the bridal dessous, but there is much more to the wedding night and the married life.

Lingerie and all sorts of things around the wedding night can be selected and given away together as gifts for the bridal party.

Romantic wedding decoration

Beautiful wedding decorations and at the same time accessories for wedding shooting are balloons that are filled with helium.

The bride gives a great set together and at the same time decorates your bridal party. There are such great motifs or heart balloons for the wedding.

Guest book with a difference

The bride does not yet have a guest book for the wedding.

Then give you the fingerprint canvas together to the Bridal Shower, on which all guests can immortalize themselves at the wedding.

Wedding calendar with countdown

The hot phase begins with the bridal party: the big day is getting closer and you can surprise the bride and groom with a lovingly designed countdown calendar.

This allows the two to celebrate properly every day that the wedding comes closer and the anticipation increases immeasurably. You can read more about the Countdown calendar for the wedding in our blog.

Chocolate gifts

What could calm the bride better than chocolate in the exciting time before the wedding? We have put together some great gifts around the sweet temptation that you can give away for the Bridal Shower.

Just don’t exaggerate so that the bride still fits into her wedding dress.

Wing bars for the bride

A really nice accessory for the wedding is a hanger, especially for the bride and your great wedding dress. Whether with the inscription “Bride” or personalized with your (future) name – special hangers for the wedding are a wonderful gift for the bridal party!

With the “Bride” clothes, the enchanting wedding dress has an ideal place to hang out forever. A combination that the bride will often look at with a smile.

Partner shirts

A nice gift idea for the bride and groom is partner shirts that you can also personalize.

Gift for the bride

This enchanting cup of “From Miss to Mrs.” will accompany your bride in the last days before the wedding and will certainly provide many beautiful memories afterward.

Savings book for wedding

If your bride is difficult to give and better choose something yourself, you can also collect some money in the beautiful “savings book for the wedding”.

That always goes well!

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