Business and life need good legal advisers and Rex Afrasiabi is a well-known name for that

Rex Afrasiabi
Rex Afrasiabi

Every individual needs a plan of action that works within a legal framework to achieve their goals and objectives.MA legal which is a well-known legal firm owned by Rex Afrasiabi strives to do exactly that. Rex Afrasiabi and his family migrated to Australia when he was young. The English language was a big challenge for him then. He faced other challenges after his parent’s divorce, with his father overseas most of the time, Rex Afrasiabi was faced with the daunting task of growing up alone.

Rex Afrasiabi
                                                                                            Rex Afrasiabi

MA legal has now been in business for over a decade and helps people realize their dreams and passion, on a legal platform. Since his early days were very turbulent and full of challenges, Rex realized the importance of helping people and through his company, he set about doing so. After completing his education Rex started working with several law firms, but later made a shift to the fashion industry. He took up the role of a general manager for an international name. He was successful in his career and was rewarded in equal measure, but felt that something was missing career-wise. He lacked a sense of fulfillment. He then decided to take up a career through which he could help others. He established MA legal in 2008.

The various legal issues taken up here encompass various aspects such as – litigation, family, property, and commercial. His strong team of talented experts has paved the way for his success. He had delivered successful results to his clients. His company deals with a wide section of clients from all walks of life. Rex Afrasiabi has created a mark for himself and his company in such a competitive industry, through his hard work and passion. 


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