By 2024 the first Wawa store in Georgia will be open.

By 2024 the first Wawa store in Georgia will be open.

By 2024 the first Wawa store in Georgia will be open. After seeing great success in Florida, the company plans to launch its first site in Georgia by the year 2024.

John Poplawski, Vice President of Real Estate for Wawa, stated that the company’s “continuous development plans will allow us to reach more customers with our quality fresh food, beverages, and community support friends and neighbors,” and he was quoted as saying this. The expansion to Georgia is a natural extension of the Florida Panhandle, and we are excited to serve more towns along the East Coast as a result of this move.

The announcement made by Wawa did not provide any information regarding the location of the first store it intends to open. The corporation has indicated that it may establish at least 20 additional facilities in the state of Georgia.

The original Wawa was established in New Jersey in the year 1803, and it quickly became a favorite gathering place for those living in northern states. Wawa now runs about 1,000 stores across the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida, in addition to Washington, District of Columbia.

There are a number of well-known chains that are on the verge of entering the Georgia market in addition to Wawa. In April, Tim Hortons shared its intentions to open 15 new restaurants with the public. In addition, Whataburger started construction on a number of new restaurants in the metro Atlanta area.

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