Can we just get rid of the act of discrimination?

Can we just get rid of the act of discrimination?
Can we just get rid of the act of discrimination?

Management of a primary school in Amethi has been accused of involving in caste-based discrimination. As per a recent report, the students who are from the Dalit community were asked to sit in different queues while they were served midday meals in the school located in Gaderi village. An FIR has been made and the school principal has been suspended. A parent of a student has also blamed the principal for beating her students. It is also reported that the school officials have registered a case against the village head for creating problems in the school premises.

Such situations keep happening in many public places and institutions where people are divided or discriminated against based on their religion, caste, community, gender, ethnicity, etc. But the tolerance levels of people who faced discrimination were at a high because they didn’t want to create a ruckus in the existing systems and instead only abide by the already set rules and regulations.

Can we just get rid of the act of discrimination?
                                     Can we just get rid of the act of discrimination?

But now since we are living in a technology age and people are no longer identifying themselves based on their origins or ancestry, everyone is considered to be equal and get equal rights and duties. A rickshaw driver’s son doesn’t aim to be a rickshaw driver but an executive in an MNC by studying and putting efforts to come out of their customs and norms. The same way a celebrity’s son doesn’t aim to be a singer or actor but shifts to a foreign country, gets educated, and creates new technologies. So, since there is so much evolution happening in and around the world, such sort practices to discriminate should be stopped.

Nowadays women are also at the forefront and can do all work equally like a man. So, when it comes to housework (which was earlier called only women’s job), things need to change and people who live inside the house should contribute their best to work in the house and make it a good place to live.

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