Can You Make A Weed Pen At Home?

Can You Make A Weed Pen At Home?


We all are familiar with weed and its benefits, side effects, etc. It is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of smoking. It helps in controlling nicotine intake and in avoiding side effects. Thus, it has become one of the best supplements in today’s era. 

But, the problem arises when choosing the best weed pen. Today, you need help deciding which product is best for your health. And which is terrible. Thus, it is essential that you try only homemade products for better results. But can you make weed pens at home? Yes, you can. You can go with . In today’s article, we will explain the process for the same. So, let us begin.

What is a weed pen?

When it comes to weed, everyone is familiar with the same. But the misconception associated with it is that it offers you intoxicating experiences. The same is not correct. It will enter your body only when you do not take the appropriate dose. With a minute amount, you can achieve the “high” effects. And thus, it is one of the best supplements.

But how does a weed pen do the same? The first thing that happens when you consume weed is its interaction with your body’s endocannabinoid system. The system is responsible for carrying out numerous functions. Thus, when you take weed, it binds with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the system to help us get all the benefits.

It is essential to be familiar with the legality of weed. The Food and Drug Administration legalizes all forms of cannabis. The only condition attached is the THC percent. It should not exceed more than 0.3%. Rest, you can consume weed without any worries. In this manner, you achieve the best results. 

Let us now see how you can make a weed pen.

Ways to make a weed pen at home

Instruments you need

The battery

The most crucial component is also the most difficult to obtain. It is possible to use a disposable 9v battery, but it is much preferable to use a rechargeable battery, such as an RC vehicle battery.

Wire with resistance

Another product that will be difficult to locate is this one. The most often used resistance wires, nichrome, are available in bulk online or in vape shops. If you cannot access the wire in this manner, disassemble a toaster or a hairdryer and use it instead. Your battery determines the wire’s gauge or AWG.

A termination wire termination

The convenience of usage when using a riveting tool and tiny crimps. It is necessary because the resistance wire does not adhere to the solder. Additionally, this will enable it much simpler to replace your circuits if they become dirty or bent.

  • A button
  • Insulated electrical wire
  • Soldering iron and solder
  • Organic Cotton Balls 
  • Juice


You may start by disassembling a spare phone battery. The circuit board connected to the USB female output should include positive and negative terminals. Following welding mounting holes for the button, the process is to solder wires to those places, and the final step is to run the order to get ahead. The two wires run up to the opposite side of the cell. And, then, they should get connected to a screw termination.

After that, drill two tiny holes in the side of the battery and superglue a brass pneumatic pipe end cap to it. The bolt terminal is adhered to the exterior of the end cap, right where the wire leads will attach. The next step is to buy a rubber component and screw it into the end cap’s 1/2″ threads.

Make DIY vape juice

  • Step 1- Gather the tools you will need to make your e-juice 

To proceed directly to the detailed instructions below, skip the following section, where you have all you need. The instruments of the profession should come first. While making your vape juice is in no way an endeavor, you will need to make a minor investment in equipment and materials to have a complete home brewing setup.

  1. Bottle

Various bottle sizes are available, from 5ml and 10ml bottles for measuring and combining taste testers to 30, 50, and 100ml bottles for storing your favorite flavors.

Step 1- Gather the tools you will need to make your e-juice 

  1. Containers for measuring

The typical DIY vape does not need a container, but if you want to manufacture vast amounts of vape juice, you may wish to buy several beakers to accommodate large volumes.

  1. Pipettes and syringes

Pipettes and syringes are necessary for adding the correct amount of each liquid to your homemade mixture. You can use these instruments to extract the specific quantity of nicotine, PG, VG, and flavoring concentration required.

  1. Gloves

Gloves are imperative for DIY projects since they shield your skin from spills. Always keep your hands protected from nicotine via the skin.

  1. Toilet paper

Maintain some kitchen roll on hand while working with amounts of vape juice. It works well to wipe up spills, clean bottle tops, clean blunt dripper needles, and generally keep your vape gear dry while doing experiments.

  • Step 2: gather the ingredients you need to make vape juice

Nic shots, first. For everybody else, this is one of the most crucial steps; if you are after pure flavor and want to make vape juice with 0% nicotine, feel free to skip this step.

  1. A liquid PG and VG

They are essential components of every vape juice blend, excluding nicotine. Two safe organic liquids, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, are medicinal and confectionery.

  1. Flavor concentrates for vape juice

Now that you have the nicotine and the VG/PG to support it, you should consider the flavor. Of course, flavor concentrates for various purposes.

Step 4: Determine your vape fluid measurements

How much liquid for vaping are you aiming to produce today? How much nicotine would you like it to contain? Do you prefer thinner PG or thicker VG vape juice? Foremost things first, you should open a calculator for vape juice. There are several options available, both browser-based and for download.

Step 5: Prepare your base mixture.

We’re establishing the cornerstone for the upcoming blockbuster vape juice right now. It’s time to put on those gloves! Use correctly sized syringes to remove the PG and VG quantities you determined and put them into the pipette you will use for your mix based on the outcomes of the computations you just performed.

Step 6: Add nicotine

The next step is to add some nicotine to the mixture.

Step 7: Mix it in the bottle

The final step is to mix all the ingredients in the bottle and shake it well. In this manner, you can make a perfect weed pen at home.


The article is a perfect guide for beginners to help them make a weed pen at home. All the steps are easy to follow. And thus, you need not worry about anything else. 

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