How Do I Cancel Angie’s List Account?

How Do I Cancel Angie's List Account?

Are you experiencing difficulty despite your efforts to locate methods to cancel Angie’s List? Not to Worry! We have addressed this subject in this article and are confident you will have no further questions regarding Angie’s List cancellation once you have completed reading it. 

If you hire any of the following services for your home—Habitat, landscaping, plumbing, electrical, or roofing—Angi will also provide each of these. You must specify the type of residential service you desire, and they will select the most suitable plan for you based on a price comparison. 

To cancel Angie’s List membership, you can do so through your My Projects page on the website or by calling their customer support team. 

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Can your Angie’s list membership be Cancelled?

Angie’s List offers both silver and gold membership tiers. Angie’s membership is renewed automatically after your membership term to ensure convenience. 

Therefore, if you are contemplating terminating your Angie’s List membership, you can terminate your recurring or auto-renew plan before the automatic renewal of your subscription plan, for which you will be charged. 

How Do I Cancel Angie’s List Membership Through Angie’s App/Website?

To effortlessly terminate your Angie’s List membership through the Angie’s App, adhere to the subsequent instructions. 

  • Launch the Angie’s App and select the “Projects” category. Additionally, the My Projects Page is accessible via Angie’s website.
  • Select the Recurring Plan that requires cancellation. 
  • Tap the Manage Bookings section, then select Cancel Entire Plan.
  • Complete the remaining steps to finalize the cancellation of the chosen plan. 

How Can I Phone My Angie’s List Membership Be Cancelled?

Additionally, you can terminate your Angie’s List membership by contacting the Angi Customer Service team via telephone at 1-888-811-ANGI or 1-888-811-711.

Their team is available for communication from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm, and Saturday to Sunday, 8 am to 5 pm. 

Request that their team member arrange a contact with you, during which they will inquire about the cancellation of Angie’s membership and request additional information. 

Be prepared to provide your membership information, including all pertinent details, contact information, and any other information that may be requested. 

A member of their staff will terminate your membership and auto-renewal will cease following these actions. 

How Do You Pause Your Membership on the Angies List?

Interested in discontinuing your Angies List membership? Not to worry! With these procedures, you are prepared to pause your Angies List plan.-

  • Launch the Angi application and navigate to the Projects tab.
  • Select the project that requires pausing, and press the Make an Update icon.
  • Tap Pause Plan and choose a date and time to suspend your membership temporarily. 
  • Choose a date from the nine months that follow. Any reservations you have during this suspension period will be automatically rescheduled.
  • Once more, select the Pause Plan to validate the modifications, and that’s it!

How Do You Cancel Or Reschedule Your Angie’s List Reservation?

By following these steps, you can terminate your Angi reservation from your account online. 

  • Launch the Angie’s List application and navigate swiftly to the Projects section.
  • Select the Project Card to which modifications are to be applied.
  • After selecting the Manage Booking option, tap Cancel or Reschedule. 
  • Proceed with a few additional steps to finish rescheduling or canceling. 

 How Can One Delete Their Angie’s List Account?

If you ever determine that your Angie’s List account is no longer relevant, you can delete it at any given time. 

To initiate communication with their customer service department, please dial 1-888-811-711 and proceed with requesting the deletion of your account. 

Your account will be permanently deleted, and your credit card information will be removed from your Angi Account. 

Following the deletion of your account, your account details will remain in their database. An alternative method of contacting their support staff is through the Live Chat icon located on the Account Delete Page. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Angi Refund Verifying?

If you are dissatisfied with Angi’s services and have already reserved one, you will receive a full refund if you rescind your reservation within thirty days of the scheduled date. 

How Do I Enquire About Customer Service at Angi?

You may email the Angi Support Team at [email protected] or dial the Angie’s List phone number, 1-888-811-711.


That concludes the information required to terminate your Angie’s List membership. We trust that our clarification has allayed your confusion and that you can cancel Angi’s Membership anytime.

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