How Can I Cancel Notion AI Subscription? Two Effective Methods!!

How Can I Cancel Notion AI Subscription? Two Effective Methods!!

Similar to the proliferation of AI tools, numerous organizations are developing AI platforms, including Notion AI. 

Notion AI is a tool that assists you in producing high-quality AI content to facilitate your writing endeavors. In addition, they can correct grammatical errors and modify paragraphs using straightforward language. 

If you ever determine that using the Notion AI tool to generate your own is unnecessary, you can cancel Notion AI subscription by reverting to its free plan through your account. 

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Is Cancellation of a Notion AI Subscription Possible?

You may terminate your Notion AI Paid subscription plan at any moment before its automatic renewal for a subsequent month. 

To terminate a paid subscription, one may downgrade the subscription to the free basic plan, during which time access to the platform is restricted to only those services that are accessible to free users. 

How Do I Cancel my Online Subscription to Notion AI?

To downgrade your Notion AI subscription plan, adhere to these steps. 

  • Log in to your Notion AI account on the Notion AI website.
  • Proceed to the Members & Settings section.
  • Tap the Plans option in the corner after that.
  • Select “View every plan.”
  • After selecting the desired plan, tap the Downgrade icon beneath it.
  • Your paid plan will be terminated and automatically downgraded to the Notion AI free plan.

If there is still time on your paid subscription, you may continue to utilize the subscription’s benefits until the end of its current term.

How do I cancel my subscription to Notion AI via email?

Please proceed with the following instructions to contact their customer support staff regarding the cancel Notion AI subscription. 

Compose an email in which you specify your desire to terminate your subscription to Notion AI. 

Utilize a compelling subject line that specifies cancellation.

Compose the email’s body; include personally identifiable information for verification purposes.

That email should be sent to [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Notion AI refunds work?

Their support staff will issue a refund if you cancel Notion AI subscription within three days of the beginning of your monthly or thirty days of the year for an annual plan. 

How Do You Utilise the Notion AI Add-On?

Subscription plans can add Notion AI by following these steps: Select Plans from the Account > Settings & Members menu. Select “Add to Plan” located beneath “Notion AI.” 

What is the cost of a subscription to Notion AI?

You are permitted to utilize its service without cost. Then, for $8 or $15 per month, you can access its Plus and Business planned options. Additionally, an Enterprise plan is offered. 

Does Notion AI offer free access to students?

Indeed, the Notion AI free plan is accessible to all individuals, including students and adults. 

How Can Customer Service at Notion AI Be Contacted?

Tap the “Contact Support” icon at the bottom of the Notion AI website to initiate communication with their team. The Live Chat menu will then appear. Utilize that to establish contact with their team agent. 

You may contact Notion Labs, Inc. at 2300 Harrison Street, San Francisco, California 94110, United States, via email at [email protected]


AI tools undeniably simplify our lives; however, some individuals still need to rely on AI content exclusively and will never upgrade to a paid subscription plan. 

You can cancel Notion AI Subscription by following the instructions in the article above. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact their team for assistance.

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