Two Efficient Methods To Cancel NovelAI Subscription!

Two Efficient Methods To Cancel NovelAI Subscription!

Do you need more narrative ideas? If so, subscribe to the NovelAI tool to obtain fresh and original story concepts for your books and novels. 

NovelAI is an AI tool that generates story content in a matter of seconds in a manner that precisely resembles a context written by a human. It assists in developing ideas for future stories. 

Well!! If you wish to cancel your NovelAI Subscription after an extended period of use, you may contact their customer service department. 

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Plans for NovelAI Subscription Pricing

Listed below are several objectives for NovelAI.

Paper Free Trial: To evaluate NovelAI’s services. It is provided free of charge.

Monthly Tablet Plan cost: $10 (USD)

The Scroll Plan costs $15 monthly (USD).

Opus Plan: $25 (USD) per month

How Can I Cancel my Subscription To NovelAI? 

Well, NovelAI Deletes Accounts! You may subscribe to NovelAI to any degree you see fit. However, there will inevitably come a time when the subscription is no longer necessary. What, then, will you be required to do in that circumstance? 

You should terminate your NovelAI subscription, as there is no value in maintaining a subscription that is not being utilized. 

However, many individuals still need to be aware of the proper cancelation procedure of their NovelAI subscription. 

Canceling the NovelAI subscription is exclusively possible by contacting their support team and requesting cancellation. No online procedures are required to terminate a NovelAI subscription. 

Email Cancellation of NovelAI Subscription

Subsequently, send a cancellation email to the support staff at [email protected] and [email protected] to terminate your NovelAI subscription. 

They will contact you or respond to your email promptly. 

Subscription Cancellation for NovelAI via Mail

Additionally, you may terminate your NovelAI subscription by providing their Support team with a written letter of cancellation addressed to 1309 Coffeen Ave. Suite 1200, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801 United States.

Ensure that the mail contains all pertinent subscription information and your details; this will prevent them from rejecting your letter as soon as they receive it. 

How Can I Contact NovelAI Customer Service?

You may contact their team anytime via email at [email protected] or their support team at [email protected] should you encounter any problems.

Additionally, you may direct your inquiries to Suite 1200 at 1309 Coffeen Avenue, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801, United States.


You have utilized your NovelAI subscription for an extended period and have benefited significantly by generating stories and original content. 

Immediately contact their customer service department to terminate your subscription. After canceling, you are still permitted to utilize the remaining AI services. 

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