How To Cancel Oak Furniture Land Order? The Two Ways!!

How To Cancel Oak Furniture Land Order? The Two Ways!!

Assuming you are a frequent patron of Oak Furniture, presume you hastily placed the incorrect order. Are you able to cancel Oak Furniture Land Order? 

Determine this by reading this article. Oak Furniture Land is a well-known retailer with an extensive selection of office, bedroom, dining, sofa, and living room furniture.

You can quickly rescind your Oak Furniture Land Order by contacting their customer service department and requesting that a representative cancel the order on your behalf. 

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Can Your Oak Furniture Land Order Be Cancelled?

It is possible to rescind an order placed with Oak Furniture Land before its scheduled delivery. You must rescind your order three days before the scheduled delivery date. 

How Do I Cancel A Land Order For Oak Furniture?

Would you like to rescind your order with Oak Furniture Land? Not to worry! Seek assistance from their customer support department. 

To cancel Oak Furniture Land Order, please get in touch with their customer support team via telephone at 0800 440 2254 and provide the necessary information to request the cancellation of your order. 

Upon dialing the number, press option two promptly to be connected with a member of their team. 

Once you have established contact with their team member, inform them of the order cancellation. If the cancellation request is submitted promptly, the order will be canceled by their team. 

How Do You Manage Your Land Order for Oak Furniture Online?

You can manage your order by navigating to the My Account section from your Oak Furniture Land account. 

You can modify your order’s delivery date, monitor its progress, delete its order history, or even cancel it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an Oak Furniture Land Order Be Returned?

Indeed, you may. You can return any product from Oak Furniture Land to their team within 14 days (for the online store) or seven days (for the offline store) from the date of receipt if you do not require it. 

Contact their team to initiate the return procedure. 

Can Oak Furniture Land Charge a Return Fee?

Oak Furniture Land does require an online return charge to process returns. For information on return fees, please refer to their Return Policy Page. 

How Do I Obtain A Refund From Oak Furniture Land Assistance?

The conditions for receiving a refund from Oak Furniture Land are as follows:

  • Return your online purchase order within fourteen days of receipt.
  • Return the item purchased in-store within seven days of receipt.

How Do I Contact Customer Service at Oak Furniture Land?

Customers who require assistance or wish to place an order may call the customer service department at 0800 440 2254. 

For more details, please visit the Oak Furniture Land Contact Centre page. 


Oak Furniture Land’s return and cancellation policies are remarkably straightforward. No online cancellation form or cancellation submission is required.  You can rescind your order with a single phone call to the Oak Furniture Land Team. 

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