How Can I Cancel Opus Clip Subscription? 5 Effective Ways

How Can I Cancel Opus Clip Subscription? 5 Effective Ways

It is highly challenging for a vlogger or content creator to produce visually striking videos for their channel. Accuracy assured? Given such circumstances, Opus Clip may be exceedingly beneficial.  

Opus Clip is a video editing application that can enhance your videos to an impeccable degree. This resource is accessible to children, professionals, and students alike. It offers subscription plans for additional benefits and is user-friendly.

You can cancel Opus Clip Subscription through your Opus Clip Subscriptions page or by contacting their customer service via the provided contact methods. 

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How Does One Cancel Opus Clip Subscription? 

You must navigate to the Opus Clip Subscriptions page to terminate your subscription. Locate the link on that page that allows you to cancel or downgrade your subscription. 

To cancel Opus Clip subscription, click the link. You may continue to utilize the subscription benefits until the first day of your subsequent billing term, after which your subscription will be terminated. 

You may also delete your Opus Clip Account after canceling your subscription; any data or content associated with your account will be expunged from the database maintained by their support staff. 

How Do I Email To Cancel Opus Clip Subscription?

To inquire about canceling your Opus Clip subscription, please email the customer service team at [email protected]

They will contact you as soon as they receive the email and offer comprehensive assistance and support throughout the cancellation process. Appropriately format your email. 

How Do I Phone to Cancel My Opus Clip Subscription?

Dial +1 650-507-8145 to reach an Opus Club Customer Service representative who will assist you in canceling your subscription. 

They will request some information regarding your subscription. Following verification and completion of additional procedures, your subscription will be terminated. 

How Are Opus Clips Cancelled Through Discord?

This is among the most straightforward approaches to disabling the Opus Clip. Yes, it is possible to terminate your Opus Clip subscription by communicating with their support staff on Discord and becoming a member of the Opus Clip Discord Community. 

Then, in response to your message, a member of their staff will provide you with the necessary information to terminate your subscription, or they may cancel it on their end. 

How Can Opus Clip Be Cancelled Via Mail?

This is the least frequently used but still functional method to cancel an Opus Clip subscription. You may transmit a written letter to the Opus Clip Team requesting subscription cancellation using this method. 

The written correspondence should be delivered to 303 Twin Dolphin Dr, Redwood City, California 94065.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can An Opus Clip Refund Be Obtained?

No refunds are issued after paying any Opus Clip Subscription plan. Not permitted are refunds at Opus Clip. 

Is the use of Opus Clip free?

Access to the Opus Clip is complimentary for videos up to ninety minutes in length. Its monthly subscription offers up to sixty minutes of complimentary plan time, during which users can upload videos containing watermarks. 

What Are the Top Alternatives to Opus Clips?

The finest alternatives to Opus Clip include Wisecut, Vidyo, Pictory, 2short, Gloss, EditAir, Shrynk, and Nova. You may also terminate your Pictory AI subscription in the interim. 

How Can I Get In Touch With Customer Service at Opus Clip?

Contact Opus Clip’s customer service department at +1 650-507-8145. Contact us via email at [email protected]. Communicate with their group via Discord or by writing to their mailing address. 


This information regarding the cancel Opus Clip subscription has assisted you. 

If you have yet to utilize Opus Clip’s services, consider subscribing to one of its paid plans and terminating it using the instructions mentioned earlier.

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