How Do You Cancel Origin Membership?

How Do You Cancel Origin Membership?

Have you completed the EA games that you have been accessing via your Origin membership and are now looking to transition to an alternative platform? Then, before proceeding, ensure that your Origin membership has been canceled to avoid further charges. 

Origin is a subscription gaming platform for those who wish to enjoy the newest Electronic Arts (EA) titles. It has amassed a subscriber base of over 50 million. However, not all individuals are required to adhere to the same gaming genres.  

To cancel your Origin membership, you must sign in to your account and navigate to EA Play, where the Manage option will be displayed. By selecting the Cancel option, your membership will be terminated after that. 

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If you are interested in learning more about the cancellation of your Origin membership in every conceivable form, proceed with perusing this article. 

Where Can I Cancel My Origin Membership?

Currently, two methods exist for an Origin membership to terminate: one entails a manual process, while the other can be accomplished through the EA assistance center.  

Permit us to provide detailed descriptions and explanations of each method; you may select the one you are most familiar with. 

How do I Cancel my Origin membership online?

Those who would instead terminate their memberships manually may do so by following the instructions below to do so for their Origin membership directly from their EA Profile. 

  1. Navigate to the EA official website. 
  2. Enter your Origin/EA login credentials. 
  3. Select EA Play from the sidebar of your account.
  4. Navigate to the Membership Management section.
  5. Select the “Cancel my Membership” option in this section.
  6. Upon completion of the specified actions, your membership will be revoked. 

How Do I Cancel Origin Membership Through Customer Service? 

The subsequent procedures delineate how one may terminate Origin membership through the EA Help Centre. 

  1. Login with your credentials to the official EA website.
  2. Navigate to the Help Centre displayed on-screen.
  3. Navigate to this location and select the “Contact Us” hyperlink.
  4. select the supported platform by clicking the “EA Play” icon.
  5. Select the Manage option that appears for your membership.
  6. Select “Cancel Membership” from the following menu.
  7. Navigate to the Select Contact menu. 
  8. you can contact assistance support via live chat, phone, or email.

After selecting the appropriate approach, you may submit a cancellation request for your Origin membership to EA’s customer support team through that channel. 


Can One Continue to Play Games on Origin Following a Membership Cancellation?

Access to one’s inventory of Origin titles is granted for the present invoicing cycle. You will no longer have access to the content once the billing cycle continues following your membership cancellation. 

Is it possible to Discontinue an Origin membership?

Preventing the temporary suspension of your Origin membership is not possible. You can terminate the membership when it is no longer required and resubscribe at your discretion.   


We trust that you now have a comprehensive understanding of the steps necessary to terminate your Origin membership. You may cancel your membership anytime if you no longer intend to use it, thereby conserving your money.

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