How Do I Cancel Vivamax Subscription?

How Do I Cancel Vivamax Subscription?

You are not particularly amused by Vivamax’s subscription service and intend to switch to an alternative platform shortly. However, you must first cancel Vivamax subscription. 

Utilizing the video-streaming application Vivamax allows one to access their preferred television programs, foreign films, stand-up comedies, fitness and sports programs, and more. Its app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to begin the free trial.

Through the Vivamax Account or Vivamax App, you can cancel Vivamax subscription. In addition, steps for canceling third parties are covered in this article. You may now proceed with their examination. 

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Can you cancel Vivamax subscription?

Your Vivamax subscription may be terminated at any time. Terminating the subscription at least 24 hours before the subsequent billing cycle is imperative to prevent unnecessary charges. 

You must meticulously adhere to the cancellation instructions to ensure a seamless cancellation process and the successful termination of your subscription independently. 

How Do I Cancel My Vivamax Subscription Through the Website or App?

Please follow the instructions below to cancel your Vivamax subscription, which you purchased through direct payment from the Vivamax website. 

Access your Vivamax App or visit the Vivamax website and sign in with your Vivamax account information. 

Please proceed to the My Profile page and terminate the Vivamax subscription by following the on-screen instructions. 

How Do I Cancel My Vivamax Subscription On Android?

Canceling the subscription for the Vivamax App on an Android device is possible through the Google Play Store. 

  • Launch the application from the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Following that, select your profile from the top of the screen.
  • Select Subscriptions from the Payments & Subscriptions menu.
  • Following that, you will be redirected to the Active Subscriptions page.
  • Tap the Cancel Subscription icon after selecting the Vivamax subscription you wish to terminate. 

How Do I Cancel My Vivamax IOS Subscription?

To terminate your Vivamax subscription from your Apple iOS device, please adhere to the instructions provided if you purchased your subscription from the Apple Store. 

To cancel Vivamax subscription, navigate to your iPhone’s Settings, tap your name, select Subscriptions, and then touch the subscription.

Tap the Cancel Subscription button to conclude canceling your Vivamax subscription from your iPhone. 

How Do I Discontinue Vivamax on the Huawei OS?

Follow these instructions from your Huawei OS to terminate your Vivamax subscription. 

After accessing the Settings menu, select the Huawei ID.

Proceed to its Account Center, where you will locate the Payments & Purchases section.

Select Subscriptions/Password-free payments from the menu.

Select Vivamax from the list of subscriptions and then select Cancel Subscription.

You will not be charged for Vivamax; following these steps, your auto-renewal service will be terminated. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Sky Cable Subscribers Cancel Their Subscription to Vivamax?

To terminate a Vivamax subscription through Sky Cable, subscribers must access their Sky Cable Account and adhere to the on-screen instructions. 

Is A Refund Available From Vivamax?

Not; once payment has been processed for your Vivamax subscription, no refunds or partial refunds will be issued. 

How Can Customer Service At Vivamax Be Contacted?

Should you have any inquiries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact their customer service via their Facebook page (@VivamaxPH) or email at [email protected].


Following the instructions in this article will allow you to cancel your Vivamax subscription if you are becoming bored with the programs on the network.

If you require any assistance from the Vivamax team, please do not hesitate to contact them. 

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