ChatGPT heads to Apple Watch – and tells us how it’s going to alternate smartwatches

ChatGPT heads to Apple Watch – and tells us how it's going to alternate smartwatches

The AI chatbot sensation ChatGPT is now landing on smartwatches, with apps landing for each Apple Watch and Amazfit smartwatch this week.

A new app referred to as watchGPT has been released for Apple Watch. It charges $3.99/£3.99 and can be downloaded from the Apple Watch App shop for your smartwatch.

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Further to the app there is an available problem so you can quickly ask questions. 

It could be paintings with textual content and voice entry, despite the fact that you can – for now – simplest ask one query at a time.

And Amazfit has also brought a ChatGPT app to the Amazfit store, from which customers can get solutions to queries at the wrist. That’s available for the Amazfit GTR/GTS three/4, GTS Mini, and GTR Mini.

So what can you use it for?

Well, getting solutions to questions from the wrist is the handiest thing proper now. however the ones are contextualized solutions, no longer the “here’s something i discovered on the internet” that Siri will conjure up.

However, we went and asked ChatGPT what it notion the most beneficial applications for an AI at the wrist could be:

“ChatGPT should assist users with scheduling appointments, making reservations, checking the climate, putting alarms, and answering not unusual questions, throughout natural language interactions,” it stated.

“Additionally, ChatGPT can be included with other apps on the Apple Watch, which includes health and fitness tracking apps, to offer customized education and tips based on the consumer’s pastime stage, sleep styles, and other health metrics.”

So there are masses of destiny programs – but right now, it’s simplest suitable for textual content-based queries.

It’s clear that AI may be a huge improve for wearables, even extra so than voice assistants were. And we heard the Vuzix CEO say a whole lot the equal thing approximately smart glasses.

While voice control has been a staple of wearables if you’re seeking out statistics past simple queries, the tiny interface and displays of smartwatches make life hard. 

For now, watchGPT just an app to geek out on. but in case you want a clue of how wearables will evolve and trade over the following few years – you don’t need to look similarly to this.

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