Chicago hearth Jesse Spencer is Set to return for Season 10 Homestretch, at some stage in’ essential Time for Casey and Brett


It’s sanctioned Matt Casey is headed back to the Windy megalopolis for a completely special occasion. Jesse Spencer — who exited Chicago fire final October — will duplicate his function inside the NBC drama’s forthcoming Season 10 homestretch (airing may also 25 at nine/ 8c), TVLine has learned.

“We enough a lot prayed him, contended, and handed him the moon so that he might come back and do the homestretch. still, he’s the topmost and he turned into in indeed before we began all of that,”co-showrunner Derek Haas tells TVLine. “ The character pledged he might be affable joe at Severide’s marriage form. We’re so thankful to (Jesse) that he’d come returned and honor that pledge.”

Casey’s return also comes at an “ essential time in his relationship with ( gal) Brett,” who’s presently visiting her beau in Oregon,co-showrunner Andrea Newman trials. while the firefighter reappears, callers will “ see a Casey who is in a completely glad and happy place in terms of (his) actuality (in Oregon), and the huge query mark is his courting with Brett.”

Filming on the season homestretch has yet to begin, “ but I’ll let you know that everybody is dying to look, Jesse. I’m demise to blink Jesse,” Newman says. “ It’s going to be a completely stunning thing at the set to look that face up right then. We’re all enthusiastic about it. I’m going to cry, I’ll tell you that.”

Spencer departed the series within the 200th occasion when his character Casey decided to transport to Oregon to attend to his overdue nice friend Andy Darden’s sons. because also, he has persisted to have an off-display, long-distance relationship with Sylvie Brett (who took a dragged go down from her exertion to spend time with her swain).

Spencer had started on the firefighter drama due to the fact its 2012 debut and come one among six final series regulars from the first season. at the time of his exit, the actor explained, “ I realized I’ve been doing TV for a long term. I introduced it up, and I suppose this time is my 18th 12 months of network TV (between Fire and House) … It changed into a tough selection due to the fact I’ve loved the display from the launch, but there are different effects that I would love to do inside the future, and there’s some family that I need to attend to, and 18 times is a long time.”

Spencer also suggested that the good-bye occasion would conceivably now not be the ending that observers saw of Casey. “I can return. I nonetheless am in Chicago right now. I’m now not jogging off to Los Angeles or commodity, indeed though I’d get down for a little little bit of the wintry rainfall,” he participated with entertainment. “ My domestic then with my partner is in Chicago, and so I ’m nevertheless going to be then, still I ’m just stepping back for proper now.”

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