Chrissy Teigen Celebrates One Year of Sobriety

Chrissy Teigen Celebrates One Year of Sobriety

Chrissy Teigen Celebrates One Year of Sobriety: On July 18, the 36-year-old turned to Instagram Stories to commemorate her one-year alcohol-free streak. She posted a screenshot of an app showing her reaching a 365-day sober streak, “haha finally.”

Chrissy, who admitted to Cosmopolitan in 2017 that she’d been “point blank, simply drinking too much,” has been publicly documenting her sober journey on social media since then, and has been upfront about her ups and downs.

In December 2020, the former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model said on Instagram that she had been clean for four weeks and was “done with making an ass of myself in front of everybody.” Chrissy confessed six months later that she had “a few wine hiccups in the road,” but that she had recommitted herself to not drinking.

“I’m still not sure if I’ll ever drink again, but I do know it no longer serves me in ANY way,” she stated on Instagram in September 2021, after revealing a 50-day clean streak. “I don’t have more fun, I don’t dance, and I don’t feel more relaxed. I get sick, fall asleep, and wake up unwell, missing out on what was most likely a fantastic night. I had a good time with it and applaud anyone who can do it appropriately.”

Chrissy reached her six-month clean milestone in January 2022, claiming that she no longer craved alcohol.

“I honestly have no idea what I’m doing, but I do know a couple of things: I suddenly have endless energy and much less anxiety (no more benzos!). and I am happier and more present than I have ever been, “she said on Instagram “It’s really cool.”

Of course, Chrissy’s husband John Legend, with whom she shares daughter Luna, 6, and son Miles, 4, is always at her side. “So proud of you my love,” the “All Of You” singer said on his wife’s six-month sobriety post.

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