Clarence Hill: 5 things from the Cowboys’ 27-13 win over the Titans as seen by Clarence Hill

Clarence Hill: 5 things from the Cowboys' 27-13 win over the Titans as seen by Clarence Hill

Clarence Hill: 5 things from the Cowboys’ 27-13 win over the Titans as seen by Clarence Hill, Aside from the final score, the Dallas Cowboys shouldn’t have to settle for much from Thursday’s game against the Tennessee Titans. Their level of effort and intensity was low. Even though the Titans were playing with a depleted roster because six starters were rested for next week’s winner-take-all game against the Jacksonville Jaguars for the AFC South title, the Jags appeared disinterested in the game.

The three turnovers, two interceptions, and awful fumble by quarterback Dak Prescott cannot be explained by any other means. How did the Titans (7-9), losers of six straight games, manage to stay in the game into the fourth quarter with third-string quarterback Joshua Dobbs? Two touchdown passes from Prescott to tight end Dalton Schultz in the second half proved the difference as the Cowboys defeated the Titans 27-13.

For the first time since 1994–1995, the Cowboys (12-4) have posted consecutive 12-win seasons and are still in the hunt for the NFC East crown. The Cowboys may still make the playoffs if the Philadelphia Eagles (13-2) lose both of their remaining games, this Sunday against the New Orleans Saints and in the season finale against the New York Giants. On either January 7th or 8th, the Cowboys will play the Washington Commanders in the season finale. Sunday night will see the NFL announce its final schedule.

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McCarthy blames his team’s lackluster performance on the fact that it was the Cowboys’ third game in 12 days, and they’re second in five days following Saturday’s emotional triumph against the Eagles. The Cowboys, he claimed, will be relieved for the bye week before their game against the Redskins in Washington next week. Not sanitary at all. McCarthy remarked, “That wasn’t a spotless performance. We’re aware of that. It’s not something I disagree with.

I am a football fan, and I do know my team. They won on Sunday after a tough battle. True, it did take a bit longer to retrieve the bodies in this case. It was a lot of work. Traveling on those is arduous and demanding, but it is necessary. What mattered most was that we responded to the call and completed the task.


RATE Whoever is at fault is irrelevant at this point. Dak, If the Cowboys continue to have problems avoiding interceptions from Prescott, they may miss the playoffs. As a result of his three first-half giveaways, the undermanned Titans could keep things close when they had no business being in the game.

The Titans had just taken the lead with a sack and fumble, putting Prescott and his team up 10-0, but in the second quarter, with the game apparently in hand, Prescott fumbled the ball back on a botched exchange with center Tyler Biadasz.

The Cowboys’ following possession saw Prescott and Peyton Hendershot complete a beautiful pass to the tight end. With 1:04 remaining in the first half, Tennessee kicked a 37-yard field goal after the ball hit him in the chest and then his hands. Titans safety Kevin Byard made the interception.

On the ensuing drive, Prescott attempted to get the Cowboys on the board again before halftime, but he was intercepted by Byard twice in the backfield after forcing passes to tight end Dalton Schultz. Byard’s interception return of 28 yards set up a 29-yard field goal that made the score 10-6 at halftime.

Prescott has thrown 14 interceptions, which is a career-high, 10 of which have come in the last six games. And throughout that stretch, he had four games in which he had two interceptions. Fortunately, Prescott rallied to help the Cowboys win by tossing two touchdowns in the second half.


If you look at the numbers, the Cowboys’ defense was great versus the Titans. They now have 32 turnovers on the season, the most in the NFL, thanks to a fumble and an interception.

Furthermore, they only gave up one score the whole game. After recording just one sack in their previous three games, the Cowboys recorded two against the Titans. Nonetheless, it was a showing that did nothing to allay fears about the team’s viability going into the playoffs.

The Titans started their third-string quarterback, Joshua Dobbs, in place of injured star running back Derrick Henry. Nevertheless, they still managed to score five spectacular touchdowns. With only two sacks, the Cowboys couldn’t put enough pressure on Dobbs, who threw for 232 yards, a career-high.

The Cowboys also allowed too many sloppy rushing yards to various reserve running backs. The Titans gained 97 yards on 24 rushes. Another contributing cause was the Cowboys’ constant rotation of injured players into the game. Star linebacker Micah Parsons, who had been limited in practice all week due to an injury, played with his left wrist heavily bandaged. His left hand, which resembled a club, rendered him incapable of grasping or holding anything.

However, despite making only one tackle all game, he recovered a fumble with his injured hand. McCarthy thinks that Parsons would benefit from some additional rest over the weekend. Also, cornerback Nahshon Wright deserves praise for making his first career interception despite suffering a shoulder injury late in the game.

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