Cristo Noir Anonymous Designer

Cristo Noir Anonymous Designer
Cristo Noir Anonymous Designer

In the constellation of fashion brands, 12 Noir is out there, a tiny satellite world operating at the edge of its own nebula. Cristo Noir is the designer and creative director of the brand with a fresh mentality. Unlike fashion houses in Paris, Milan, or even New York, 12 Noir doesn’t do traditional advertising. Its seasonal collections are small: typically no more than 10 pieces at a time. 12 Noir is making noise in the fashion world, but who is the mastermind behind it? No one knows.

Cristo Noir is an anonymous designer whose identity can’t be confirmed because of his iconic black censor bar. The designer uses the color black to symbolize the future. The most known unknown. He wears all black most of the time and doesn’t follow others. Cristo is a designer that understands what it means to be unique and special.

Cristo’s work can be characterized by an emphasis on the color black and distinctive graphics, such as the repeated use of “XII” in his work. XII represents the number 12. The artist conceptualizes the idea of the color black being represented in our galaxy, and the number 12 as the number of time. 12 months in a year.

Cristo Noir is a pioneer in his versatile approach to design, working across disciplines of fine art, photography, art, film, fashion and performance. His brand 12 Noir is making some noise and will continue to do so hopefully. Excited to see what the designer creates next.

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