Croatia has opened up for foreign tourists

For those wanting to get selfies and pictures clicked in the picturesque town of Rovinj, masks will not play spoilsport. People have stopped wearing masks here, although there are still COVID protocols of social distancing being followed here.

In-door dining though is still governed by certain rules like distancing of tables etc. Croatia has always been a favorite destination for tourists and a favorite shooting locale for movies. The beach bars, sun loungers, loud welcoming music are all ready to welcome tourists once again. Like everybody around the world, Croatians are also fed up with lockdowns and the devastation caused by the pandemic. After more than a year, the country is looking forward to welcoming tourists.  The stunning Adriatic coastline offers stunning views. Croatia makes it one of the first few European countries to do away with the measures related to the pandemic. The Istria region that is famous for its thick pine forests, pebble beaches, wine, olive oil, goat cheese, prosciutto, truffles, and other delicacies is upbeat and ready to offer their ware to the foreign tourists.

Croatia has opened up for foreign tourists
                                                     Croatia has opened up for foreign tourists

COVID -19 cases have dropped and the vaccinations that were slow to roll out have now picked up. Croatia has a population of 4 million and there are predictions that by mid-summer nearly 50 percent of the population will be vaccinated.

The tourists who will be permitted to enter Croatia will be mostly from the United States and a large part of Europe and travelers from the 27-nation bloc, who will be able to show either vaccination certificates, a negative test report, or a fully COVID -19 recovered certificate. Direct flights that are expected to start in July between New York – Dubrovnik will ease travel for American tourists.


Croatia will be issuing strict health measures in place. Social distancing at bars and beaches will be strictly observed

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