Cryptocurrency project ‘$SAINT’, a charity for St. Jude’s Children’s hospital established by Multipreneur Michael Jay

Michael Jay

From the streets of Philadelphia, struggling for two square meals a day, not having the financial means to complete his schooling to become a well-known name as a multipreneur, the journey has been an arduous one for Michael Jay.

A well-known name in the business world of California today, Michael Jay is also well known for his philanthropic activities where he gives back to society in equal measure. Michael Jay’s business at the young age of 30 has seen a meteoric rise. It is his roots in his humble beginnings that make him magnanimous and he feels obliged to support the needy.  Associating himself with noble causes is a way of life with Michael Jay. His latest project is a cryptocurrency project titled $SAINT, which will donate proceeds from it towards St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Not only this, all his businesses are driven by the motto of giving back to society and engaging in some noble cause.

Michael Jay
                                                          Michael Jay

In his early years, he had to earn a living to support himself so he started off as an electrician. Gradually, this job gave him the foothold to start his own business at the young age of 20 years.

Reflecting on his options then, Michael Jay says he had to take a very well calculated decision early in life whether he would join the best trade union in Philadelphia or team up with a close friend in the outdoor advertising business. He chose the latter and moved to Los Angeles in 2007. 

Here too, he had to face many challenges and obstacles which he overcame through his determination and hard work. In 2009, he set up Hudson his first restaurant in West Hollywood. After two years he set up Churchill, another restaurant. After this followed many business successes like juice bars, nightclubs, more restaurants, etc.

Despite his resounding success in diverse fields as an entrepreneur Michael Jay is very clear that at the heart of all his successes will be the objective of giving back to humankind and society through his charity and benevolent deeds.

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