Dallas Based Sound Engineer Juran Thomas (ODXO) is Helping Musicians Go Places with Digital Wizardry

Dallas Based Sound Engineer Juran Thomas (ODXO) is Helping Musicians Go Places with Digital Wizardry

(November 28, 2020) – Dallas-based audio engineer, producer, and songwriter Juran Thomas (ODXO) has learned the ropes well when it comes to artist development and getting the best sound recordings done on tape. His is the talent that is much in demand, from local singers and artists trying to break into the mainstream or building a professional music portfolio. In today’s pandemic times, he is also doubling up as a stress buster.

Juran Thomas began his journey as a local studio intern in Arlington while supporting his brother, Drayson Henderson, who is a beatmaker. He got noticed by a music producer, who went on to groom him in the fine nuances of artistic audio engineering. Hailing from a musical family, Juran also imbibed learnings from the backstage of concerts and visiting the big studios around New York. Missing out on interacting with the people around him became the motivation for Juran to become a producer and audio engineer.

  Dallas Based Sound Engineer Juran Thomas (ODXO) is Helping  Musicians Go Places with Digital         Wizardry

As a professional audio engineer, Juran has an enviable portfolio of clients. He was worked with the likes of Rico Recklezz, Asiandoll, SnowDaProduct, MikeJones, lilduke60, and Yellabeezy. After honing his craft, Juran is today passionate about mentoring and helping new musical artists from Dallas and other places.

“I can help them discover their authentic sound that will appeal to music lovers, and in the process, discover the artist within. Reaching this point has been a tough journey, and faith and mentors helped me become a pro at what I do,” says Juran.

Juran’s skills as an audio engineer work in conjunction with the latest digital gadgetry found in studios. He gets the sounds of artists and instruments recorded and makes everyone feel comfortable as well. His creativeness comes to the fore when he has to pick up the finest sounds and ideas from a diverse range of styles.

Today in Dallas, Juran is working hard to highlight the importance of sound engineering and production in music. In love with his work, Juran Thomas hopes to be able to help others, especially the struggling artists, realize their dreams.


For more information, please visit: www.Odxowave.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IAmOdxo

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mixedbyodxo/

Media Contact: Juran Thomas
High Tides
Dallas, Texas
Tel: 469 701 0271
Email: [email protected]

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