Dame Deborah James: Cancer campaigner dies aged 40

Dame Deborah James: Cancer campaigner dies aged 40

Dame Deborah James: Cancer campaigner dies aged 40, Dame Deborah James, who fought against cancer, passed away at the age of forty.

She had been receiving end-of-life care for intestinal cancer at home, and she had raised millions of dollars to assist other people who were afflicted with cancer.

In May, the host of the podcast on the BBC called “You, Me and the Big C” was honored with a damehood in honor of her fundraising efforts.

In 2016, Dame Deborah, who is a mother to two children, was given a diagnosis of colon cancer. Her loved ones referred to her as “wonderful” and said she was an “inspiration.”

They made the announcement of her passing through a message on her Instagram page, which read as follows: “We are terribly heartbroken to announce the death of Dame Deborah James; the most amazing wife, daughter, sister, and mummy.”

According to what was written in the post, she died quietly while her family was by her side.

The message referred to her as an “inspiration” and expressed how the company was “extremely proud of her and her efforts.”

Her family added that Dame Deborah wanted to “raise awareness, break down barriers, question taboos, and shift the dialogue around cancer” by sharing her experience with the public about her battle with illness.

Even though she was going through some of the toughest times in her life, she never gave up on her mission to raise money and awareness.

Dame Deborah documented each round of treatment that she underwent on social media, but on May 9 she stated that she would no longer be actively undergoing treatment and that she did not know how much time she had left.

She stated this in a post on her Instagram account, which is titled “bowelbabe,” and it read, “My body just can’t go any more.”

In addition to this, she started a new fund known as the Bowelbabe fund with the intention of collecting money to support research into personalized medicine for cancer sufferers.

It crossed one million dollars in fewer than twenty-four hours, crushing her initial goal of two hundred fifty thousand dollars, and has now raised more than six-point eight million dollars.

She decided to stay with her parents in Working, Surrey, and so Prince William presented her with a damehood there in May. The ceremony took place at her parents’ home.

Her “tireless efforts” in raising awareness of cancer were hailed as inspirational by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who made a donation to the research fund. They also commended her for “providing hope” to those who are afflicted with the disease and thanked her for her “tireless efforts.”

After the passing of her daughter, her mother, Heather James, has expressed that her “heart is torn” over the loss of her child.

She posted several images of Dame Deborah on social media along with the following captions: “My heart is torn. Love you forever.”

Boris Johnson expressed his sadness in a tweet, writing that he was “very saddened” by the news and calling the activist “an inspiration to so many.”

The Prime Minister stated that “many, many lives will be spared” as a direct result of her actions.

The leader of the Labor Party, Sir Keir Starmer, was quoted as saying, “During this sad moment, our thoughts are with her family and friends.”

He stated that Dame Deborah’s work with charitable organizations was “really amazing,” and that she continues to raise awareness “even in the toughest situations.”

Genevieve Edwards, the chief executive officer of Bowel Cancer UK, expressed her “great sadness” on the passing of the organization’s patron, Dame Deborah James.

“She transformed her diagnosis of bowel cancer into an enormous force for good, and by her persistent efforts to increase awareness of the symptoms of bowel cancer, she will have saved the lives of many people.”

Dame Deborah’s “dedication to stand together with people with cancer” was praised by Macmillan Cancer Support.

The charitable organization said in a tweet, “Our prayers are with her family and many friends.”

In 2018, James began his role as co-host of the show You, Me and the Big C alongside Lauren Mahon and Rachael Bland, a newsreader for BBC Radio 5 Live. The show has received positive feedback for its candid presentation of cancer-related topics.

They discussed practical issues, such as dealing with hair loss, strategies for handling finances, and how to tell your closest loved ones about illnesses, while speaking to celebrity guests.

In September of 2018, Bland passed away at the age of 40, two years after she was first diagnosed with breast cancer.

In 2018, Dame Deborah had her first book, which was titled “F*** You Cancer: How to Face the Big C, Live Your Life, and Still Be Yourself.”

The publication of her second book, titled How to Live When You Could Be Dead, is scheduled for the 18th of August.

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