DC Characters That Do Not Get The Spotlight

DC Characters That Do Not Get The Spotlight

All of us are aware of the mainstream superheroes in DC, most of them being in the Justice League. However, many superheroes are overpowered by the mainstream ones and they don’t get the attention that they rightfully deserve. Some of these characters do have movies of their own, and if not movies they have TV shows dedicated to them. You can watch these movies and shows online, all you need is good internet to stream them online. We would suggest looking into Xfinity packages which not only allow you to manage your internet but also your TV service and your home and mobile phone.

However, here are some of the DC characters who should be getting more attention than they already are.


Nightwing starts as Batman’s sidekick, Robin. Dick Grayson is the first ever Robin since the Batman comics. Bruce Wayne takes in Dick as his protégé when Dick’s parents pass away in an accident. Batman then trains Dick to be Robin and Robin then fights crime alongside Batman. However, a less known fact is that Dick grows out of the whole Robin thing and he becomes a superhero himself known as Nightwing. Nightwing has a cool black suit with a blue bird on it and he still uses his signature batons as he did as Robin. His acrobatic lineage gives him an edge as he fights his enemies. Eventually, he just stops working with Batman as he picks up his responsibility of being Nightwing. The only appearance Nightwing has made in something live-action was the show, Titans.


Cyborg is also overshadowed by all the other superheroes. In the movies, Cyborg is a part of the Justice League while in the cartoons, Cyborg is a part of the Teen Titans. Cyborg is part human, part robot and this gives him the ability to function as a superhero as well. Since he is part human and part robot, he has superhuman strength and does not have the limitations that a normal human might have. This means that Cyborg has greater stamina and his mechanical body parts give him added strength and abilities. He also has the skill of shooting lasers, which gives him an even greater advantage. Read About Simon Goodwin Net Worth

Green Arrow

The Hawkeye of DC, Green Arrow has gotten recognition from the TV show but that still isn’t enough. Much of the spotlight is taken away by other heroes such as Superman and Batman which is why many of the other heroes are neglected. This includes Green Arrow as well who even does not have a movie for himself yet and has only relied on a TV show. Green Arrow has also been featured in games such as Injustice and Injustice 2 and that is also another reason why Green Arrow has received some recognition.


There was a time when Robin was known all over the world but now it seems like DC has stopped emphasizing Robin and the only importance is given to Batman. A couple of years ago all Batman movies ensured that Robin was in them too but then that trend ended. Recently, the only thing that Robin was a part of was Titans, and later in the show, he transitions from Robin to Nightwing since that Robin is Dick Grayson. However, Jason Todd also becomes Robin in the show but later he becomes Red Hood and the mantle is taken by Tim Drake. The only show that featured the story of the different Robins was Titans.


It is recently that Shazam got his first ever movie otherwise no one had any idea who Shazam was. Shazam is also one of DC’s most underrated superheroes even though the concept is amazing and the origin story is brilliant. Also, it was the kind of DC movie to feature some comedy in it as well. The story of Shazam is that Shazam is a teenager named Billy Batson who is 14 years old but he gets magical powers from a wizard which allows him to turn into an adult superhero as he says the word Shazam. Shazam has only gotten one movie till now and a sequel is in the works. Otherwise, Shazam was featured in Injustice: Gods Among Us as a playable character. However, Shazam needs a lot more recognition, especially in live-action movies and DC should work on projects other than Justice League where some superheroes could team up to fight a threat.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the reasons why DC falls short in comparison to Marvel. DC still has a lot more work to do for its movies and TV shows to make sure that more characters get their recognition through stand-alone movies or whatever else. Characters like Nightwing deserve a movie of their own.

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