Devin Yadav gives an insight on why investing in diverse businesses can be beneficial

Devin Yadav

Devin Yadav is an entrepreneur with a variety of businesses and he is another new age entrepreneur who joins the ranks of those successful businessmen with diversified skills and rich talent. With the new emerging trend, just at the start of their career with the success that entrepreneurs achieve they display why exactly they are successful. Devin Yadav, a 24-year-old has a successful and well-established liquor business in Odisha. Coming from a family of politicians with his father being one, Devin Yadav’s vision was crystal clear right from the beginning, he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Devin is a serial entrepreneur with businesses real estate, a chain of 8 hospitals, liquor business and is planning an eCommerce venture.

Devin Yadav
                                                                                                                 Devin Yadav

His most lucrative business so far remains the liquor business. He has ambitious plans of producing whisky in Khodha by setting up a whisky production unit. Socially he has been active as the youth President, he has been associated with many social welfare activities too. He is also known for his philanthropic activities through which he helps the poor and the needy. He undertakes welfare activities for the underprivileged and this has brought out the humane side of him. His concept of being wealthy is not by accumulating a huge bank balance, but by investing wisely and smartly. His future vision encompasses the upliftment of tech and pharma companies which are always in high demand.

Apart from working for his business and helping others, Devin is fond of riding bikes and has a passion for supercars. He is equally passionate about rifle shooting. This youngster has shown us how being armed with dedication and passion can create a roadmap for success. He has also shown us how an entrepreneur can be successful in multiple businesses. 

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