Do Virtual try-on Shoes Possible? Check Out Amazon’s New Feature !!

Do Virtual try-on Shoes Possible? Check Out Amazon's New Feature !!

Hey readers, are you also one of them who loves online shopping? You literally shop everything online from a safety pin to groceries, but the only thing which makes you worry is -when it comes to footwear, right? Because different companies have different size ranges. So, many times what happens is that you buy one, and then the size and look don’t suit you. That usually makes you disappointed when you have to return it. So now Amazon has understood this problem of ours and introduced an all-new feature – A virtual try-on. Here this feature will help you try your shoes virtually. This advanced feature will help customers to understand how shoes will look on them from all possible angles. So, users can take a decision properly without losing the comfort of their cozy homes.  But this feature will be limited to US and Canada only.

How does it work?

This feature will enable the users to directly visit the Amazon app on iOS. nd after that, they have to tap on the “Virtual Try-On” button below the product image and point the camera on their mobile device at their feet to see how the shoes look on them. And you know what’s the best part about it? Here the user can move the feet as well in order to know how shoes will look from different angles.

Moreover, color selection options si also available fr the comfort of the customers. So the users will have the complete feel of real-time shopping. For this, the user has to change the colors of selected footwear by simply scrolling the variety of choices. So, without removing the virtual shoes, you can have the experience of how it will look if you opt for a color change.

The amazing part that we liked the most is – here the customers can also click a photo of the virtual shoe that they are trying and can check the views or take opinions from their friends or family members by simply sharing the photo with friends through social media.

Recently, Muge Erdirik Dogan, president of Amazon Fashion, made a statement, he said –

“We are excited to introduce `Virtual Try-On for Shoes,` so customers can try on thousands of styles from brands they know and love at their convenience, wherever they are,” Muge Erdirik Dogan, president of Amazon Fashion, said in a statement.

Then he concluded by adding –

“We look forward to listening and learning from customer feedback as we continue to enhance the experience and expand to more brands and styles,” 

Actually, the time for Augmented and virtual reality has come. There are many other e-commerce sites as well, that are working on this and want to give users a never-seen-before experience. So, while working ahead in this direction, Amazon, which is an American tech giant introduced the virtual-try-on feature.  The company said that we want users to seamlessly shop for their favorite footwear online.

If you want to explore this wonderful feature, then you have to use the Amazon shopping app.

For seeing the shoes from different angles, the users don’t need many things. just a phone camera will work.

Erdirik Dogan said –

“Amazon Fashion’s goal is to create innovative experiences that make shopping for fashion online easier and more delightful for customers,” 

Who can use this feature?

All the users from Canada and US can use this feature and try on all the latest shoes or footwear collections without any hassle from brands like New Balance, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Superga, Lacoste, Asics, and Saucony.

Final Words :

Hey folks, this is all about the “Virtual-try-on” feature by which you can shop online free-mindedly. We really are all set to use Augmented and virtual reality for real-life scenarios.

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