Do you know how you can lead a healthy life?

Do you know how you can lead a healthy life?
Do you know how you can lead a healthy life?

Most of us must understand that a healthy life goes beyond just physical health. It is, on the other hand, a combination of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

The team of Promagzine attempts to give you a few tips based on internet research and these should not be considered as medical advice. We will also try and mention some factors that lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Do not indulge in smoking and those who are smokers must plan to give up smoking-

It is relatively easy for those who do not smoke to just don’t give in to the temptation of smoking. Those who are light, to moderate to excessive smokers must set a date as to when they will finally quit smoking and work towards that. One of the easiest ways is to find a friend who is a smoker and motivate each other to quit. 

Pay close attention to why and when you smoke and try and distract yourself with other things to do. You can seek the help of somebody else in your family or your circle of friends who can distract you gainfully.

Do you know how you can lead a healthy life?
Do you know how you can lead a healthy life?

Maintain a healthy and nutrition filled diet–  

Eat three meals a day that is well balanced with proteins, calcium, vitamins, and minerals. Seek the help of a professional dietician who will evaluate your body type and requirements and make a diet chart of you which can be changed or adjusted from time to time. In case you do not want to take professional help us the internet to find out the types of food that go into a well-balanced meal. Avoid snacking and binge eating a these will create several problems later. Your breakfast can be a heavy meal, lunch can be a medium-sized meal and dinner can be the lightest. Do plan to eat maximum by 8 pm and sleep early.

Drink plenty of fluids and water. Avoid sugary drinks and carbonated drinks, and sodas.

Exercise and lead an active life – 

Some form of physical activity is an absolute must even if it is half an hour of brisk walking.

Take out some “Me Time’’ and indulge in activities that inspire you mentally and emotionally. It can be singing, dancing, meditation, yoga, or so on…

Remember a healthy body houses a happy mind and an individual stays content and active!

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