Does The American Dream still hold true? We shine the spotlight on Wealth strategist Rob Luna !

Rob Luna
Rob Luna

The American Dream has symbolized financial growth for many. If you are still wondering whether it is as potent now as it was several years ago, the answer is a vehement Yes. Born and brought up in the dark alleys of Los Angeles raised by a single mother who was a drug addict, could have squashed the spirit of the ordinary, but not Rob Luna. 


Ron Luna always aspired to rise above mediocrity and build a name and career for himself. With the firm stepping stone of a good education translating into an MBA in two different countries and an Ivy League Alumnus education, he was all set to venture into the financial world. He quickly rose to become a much sought-after investment advisor and wealth strategist.


The expertise of Ron Luna was recognized and he was invited on air by reputed channels like Fox Business and CNBC for weekly shows to discuss a wide gamut of subjects ranging from stock markets to wealth management to the economy.

Rob Luna
               Wealth strategist Rob Luna 


These shows have completed a decade and are very popular. Rob Luna in his 22-year career span has consulted for big-name names like Facebook, Amazon, and Google. The expertise of Rob Luna is so well acknowledged that he has been entrusted with the wealth management of some of the wealthiest individuals. 


His penchant for making money work for people has seen him establishing an immensely successful track record. Rob Luna also provides financial advice with a 10$million minimum in investable assets. His firm Surevest is a division of CI Private wealth and deals with this service.


           Rob Luna has demonstrated that the American Dream still exists and can work for people who desire to work towards it!


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