Don Markland believes that the role of a coach should be focussed on improving and individual

Don Markland
Don Markland

Don Markland has a numerous accolades and recognitions. Apart from being an award-winning entrepreneur he has been names as the number one business coach in Florida for 2021. He is also a contributor for Forbes and is the CEO of Accountability Now.  This sales and marketing coaching consulting agency, has successfully helped small businesses scale up. Don Markland works on the premise that the need of all companies is more revenue growth which is not possible always. Small businesses are offered the Chief Revenue Officer support for their sales and marketing that helps them succeed. Don Markland believes that there are a few crucial factors that drive consistent business success. He combined these factors in his business and personal development programme. He believes that a shared understanding of accounting and its measurability, a focus on sales, and the fact that everybody needs coaching and learning must be kept in mind. 

Don Markland
                                             Don Markland

His programme titled the “4Cs of Accountability” featured on Forbes. Recalling the times when he started his business Don Markland says he noticed that many consultants were missing the key training areas and essential aspects that were needed for entrepreneurship. He decided to provide custom made solutions and a blueprint for success to his clients. His guidance includes simple steps that are easy to follow and help small business owners achieve success quickly. Don Markland has had many mentors and he considers that a huge privilege. He has learnt that businesses can be complex and challenging yet at the same time they can be easy too. One has to learn the art of managing and selling. Don is of the firm opinion that good marketing is one of the crucial aspects needed for any business to succeed.

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