Dr. Gary Epler helps build hypergrowth health companies with a view to improving lives worldwide.

Dr. Gary Epler
Dr. Gary Epler

With technology permeating each and every aspect of our lives, it is no wonder then that it has made its way into the Healthcare industry. Dr. Gary Epler has taken up the mantle of building Healthcare tech companies for people worldwide to lead a healthy life. Technology has made its presence felt by automating medical processes. It has enabled 3 D printing, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, machine learning, blockchain technology, Internet of things (IoT), and many others. AI-based diagnosing and monitoring is being done, drug development and Genome-based disease cures are being carried on. Blockchain-based food and drug fraud detection are also being initiated. This development in technology is increasing the adoption time for new products very fast.

Dr. Gary Epler
                                                                   Dr. Gary Epler

Dr. Gary Epler elaborates on how important it is to build a Healthcare start-up with a well-formed team. This includes a tech team for managing IoT, AI, Blockchain technology, and operations. A physician is needed for the services and product development. The founders meanwhile need to focus on the resources and manage the funds keeping in view the growth that is a long-term one. Then come things like naming the company, acquiring start-up capital, etc. Crowdfunding for start-ups has shown good results recently. Angel investors can also be considered. Dr. Gary Epler is focusing on a digital healthcare company that will manage and control negative feelings in people and improves their lives with services and products. A company that is termed a hypergrowth healthcare company, can be created either through organic or acquisition growth. The leadership in such companies solely focuses on people and customers. Essential habits that are healthy are cultivated, which include eight hours of sleep, good nutrition, exercise with a combination of aerobics, walking, swimming, running weights, CrossFit, Zumba and others.

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