During COVID-19 are people also facing digestive issues?

During COVID-19 are people also facing digestive issues?

A healthy diet, good and regulated sleep and working hours, regular exercise, and eliminating stress from our lives are the essentials of good health that impact our digestive tract too. The second wave of COVID has seen an increasing number of people suffer from bloating, gaseousness, and acidity. This is mostly attributed to the fact that people are at home and the biggest entertainment has been provided by the kitchen. Many have resorted to cooking different types of dishes while others in the family are eager to sample them. Going by the social media posts we can see many people posting about their culinary skills and different dishes during the lockdown. The stay-at-home restriction does not allow physical movement and even if it does it is limited. It does not allow the required exercise need to shed the calories, oily stuff, and unhealthy food that we tuck in.

      During COVID-19 are people also facing digestive issues?
                       During COVID-19 are people also facing digestive issues?

The takeaway services, food home delivery services that have not been stopped during the lockdown have encouraged people to order food from various sources. This is definitely not as healthy as home-cooked food. It is also noted that the daily life pattern and routine of most people has gone all topsy turvy. Meal timings have changed, sleep patterns have changed and the routine has become an unhealthy one. 

The COVID-19 infection too leads to gastrointestinal issues, like nausea, acidity reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, and many other digestive tract issues that have surfaced. This is largely due to the drugs being used in the treatment of the disease. The multiple drug combination of steroids, antifungals, antibiotics, anti-malarial, anti-viral, and others have their own side effects which combine and give rise to digestive issues.

If the COVID patients post-recovery face any such issues they must be in close touch with their physicians, while those who are hale and hearty need to pay close attention to their diet, sleep and exercise pattern to avoid digestive problems and issues.

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