Ella Irwin who led trust and safety at Twitter has resigned.

Ella Irwin who led trust and safety at Twitter has resigned.

Ella Irwin who led trust and safety at Twitter has resigned. Reuters was informed on Thursday that former Twitter executive Ella Irwin has resigned from her position as head of trust and security at the company.

Irwin replaced Yoel Roth, who notably resigned from the firm in the early days of Elon Musk’s turbulent takeover of Twitter. Irwin succeeded Yoel Roth. Irwin appeared well-aligned with Musk’s principles, which have welcomed neo-Nazis and encouraged a growth in hate speech on the site in recent months. On the other hand, Roth clashed with Musk over the new Twitter owner’s hands-off approach to content regulation. Roth’s beef was with the hands-off approach.

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Irwin and Musk have not provided any response on the matter at the time this article was written. Even if we don’t know what caused it, the timing coincides with Twitter’s most recent controversy.

On Thursday, the Daily Wire, a conservative news outfit, reported that Twitter “canceled a deal” for the website to make its film, “What is a Woman,” available on the platform for free streaming. The documentary is an attack against transgender persons that spans the length of an entire feature film. Musk stated that the documentary’s content would be at home on the social network.

Musk told Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing that “this was a mistake by many people at Twitter” in response to Boreing’s question. “You are free to do that.”

Despite Musk’s claim, the documentary had a limited impact on Twitter when this article was written due to the regulations prohibiting hostile conduct enforced by the platform.

She most likely would have been engaged in the decision to label the video, which is currently sparking fury among conservative and anti-transgender Twitter users who consider Musk a trusted ally. While it is not apparent that Irwin’s situation is connected, it is possible that she would have been involved in the decision.

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