Entrepreneur Harmanpreet Sehgal employs pathbreaking technology in the field of sanitation

Harmanpreet Sehgal
Harmanpreet Sehgal

Harmanpreet Sehgal is an acknowledged influencer and entrepreneur and has recently been associated with a new technology that has evolved in the area of sanitation. This 26-year-old owns Insta Hygiene, a brand that provides quality products in women’s hygiene namely all types of sanitary products. A lot of thought and understand, ding goes into developing menstrual hygiene. Since a long time, menstruation has been regarded as a taboo and women considered inferior and ill-treated on that account. The women cannot speak up about the problems that they face during the times of their menses. They face difficulties like rashes, infections, the non-availability of certain essential items during those days and so on. Harmanpreet Sehgal understands the importance of menstrual hygiene, and has therefore decided to work in that area. He has undertaken various initiatives like delivering high quality products at very affordable and pocket friendly prices.

Harmanpreet Sehgal
                                                                                                Harmanpreet Sehgal

Harmanpreet Sehgal, is continuing his efforts to maximise the visibility and reach of his brand. He also undertakes stringent quality control measures to ensure that the products that his company delivers are of high standards and quality.  An upcoming business plan of Harmanpreet includes installing pad vending machines and pad banks all across the globe.

The sanitary napkins that are provided by Harmanpreet’s company are sustainable, eco-friendly, and made of comfortable substances that are skin friendly without causing moistness and a wet unpleasant sensation. These pads are flexible and thin and come in a variety of sizes. These pads are so comfortable that they do not inhibit any activity and allow the women to move around freely and even exercise during the days of the periods. Sehgal also generates awareness and educates women on the use of menstrual cups since they can be used for 3 – 5 years. As part of his philanthropic activities, he assists the poor and needy with products and also educates them on menstrual hygiene.

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