Entrepreneur Mukundsinh Solanki Has The Cyber Security Solutions for A Range of Corporations

Mukundsinh Solanki
Mukundsinh Solanki

What are dreams actually made of? They are made of all the things that an individual wants to be in the future, or things that they aspire to achieve. It can be a certain position in life, it can also be a profession, and sometimes it is just a lifestyle that they wish to follow. However, how many people do you see around you that work who achieve their goals? Among all the individuals who keep making excuses about how they cannot work hard, there still exist a few who keep themselves on track and realise the true importance of working hard in life.

Mukundsinh Solanki
Mukundsinh Solanki

Going through everything yet being determined to achieve his goal is Mukundsinh Solanki, an entrepreneur who has seen all kinds of difficult situations and faced many challenges, to become an independent security researcher who is also known as a bug bounty Hunter. Single-handedly he contributed to who originated Safehack Me.

Coming from Gujarat, Mukundsinh Solanki has always dreamt big and wanted to establish himself in something bigger. After the completion of his mechanical engineering degree, he knew that he had to immediately invest his time into something useful. Since he was deeply invested in the field of hacking, and computers from a very young age, he started to gain the research knowledge required to become a cybersecurity expert. Practising virtually was a very big deal, but since he put in all of his efforts, he could not possibly go wrong.

Slowly but steadily, he began to work as an independent security researcher in penetration testers and cybersecurity experts of India, helping several people not just secure their websites but also protect themselves from cyber-attacks. This was highly appreciated back in the time since it was completely free of cost, he never charged them for his security Research Services.

Mukundsinh Solanki is one man who does not need a security research certificate or any college degree in cybersecurity to prove his true worth, it is all easily portrayed through his work experience and services provided. He is contributing actively to Bugcrowd as well as Hackerone.

For him, it is extremely important to keep researching in the field besides providing security services. The digitalization of the world has allowed a lot of cybersecurity crimes to grow, and they need to be put in check time and time again. Mukundsinh Solanki soon shifted to Auckland, NZ, to carry on his specialised study and pursue his dreams. This was a very big move, and the motive was certainly bigger. Completely focused on his goal of becoming one of the best cybersecurity experts, he was now making a lot of progress towards the field of computer science.

All of this was not in vain, Mukundsinh Solanki along with his friend managed to finally launch their company. Safehack Me, the outcome of so much hard work and research work, is currently making great growth. How could it have failed, then wear yours of hard work and tons of talent put into action to make Safehack Me a complete success.

Even Safehack Me has started to receive fabulous offers from successful institutions and corporations, making it past the number 30. Mukundsinh Solanki is also actively working to keep up the reputation and goodwill, it is extremely technical yet Mukundsinh Solanki continues to remain passionate about the field, this is all that he has ever wished for.

Take a lesson, start today. Who knows, you might have a well-established business five years from now!

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