Erwin Bach Tina Turner’s husband gave his kidney six years ago to prolong her life.

Erwin Bach Tina Turner's husband gave his kidney six years ago to prolong her life.

Erwin Bach Tina Turner’s husband gave his kidney six years ago to prolong her life.  In the 2021 HBO documentary “Tina,” Bach described meeting the “Proud Mary” singer in 1986 when he was responsible for receiving Turner at Dusseldorf airport as a music industry member.

“Her manager, Roger, asked me to pick up Tina,” Bach explained. I had fun during the trip. The artist was a pleasure to drive for. He was a superstar for us, and I wasn’t nervous, which was unusual. I was merely performing my duties.

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When Turner, who was 16 years older than Bach, was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey for “Oprah’s Next Chapter” in 2013, she too discussed the pair’s initial encounter.

She claimed those “great eyes” made him so attractive. My heart was a flutter when I got into the car with Erwin. I felt the moisture on my palms and exclaimed, “Oh, my God. A case of “love at first sight.”

They were only buddies at first, but after Bach came to Los Angeles, they started dating.

Later that year, German-born Bach visited Los Angeles and had supper with Turner and her manager, Roger Davis.

John Briley, a music manager, also attended the meal. According to his interview with BBC News, the celebrity responded to his question about why she wasn’t accompanied by a date: “John, I’m Tina Turner.” I never get asked out.

According to Briley, Bach seized the moment and asked Turner out by saying, “Well, I’ll ask you out.”

After finishing their meal, Turner and Bach reportedly went to a club together rather than wait.

He said that Turner gave Bach a new black Mercedes G-Wagon the following day.

Bach made two attempts to propose to Turner before she accepted.

After dating for only four years, Bach produced his first attempt to submit to Turner on her 50th birthday.

He told Winfrey that he believes a woman should have a “commitment” from her boyfriend by age thirty.

Despite his request, I didn’t believe it was true. I didn’t take him seriously the first two times he proposed,” Turner said. I didn’t want to end things, so I didn’t want to say no.

Turner’s longest relationship before Bach was with her musical collaborator Ike Turner, whom she married from 1962 until 1976 and later claimed was physically abusive towards her.

When Turner’s condition deteriorated four years later, Bach gave one of his kidneys to her.

In her 2018 autobiography, “My Love Story,” the Grammy-winning singer revealed that she had been experiencing various health problems shortly after the couple tied the knot.

She commented, “I’ve been on such a wild roller coaster in the four years since my wedding that even I have difficulty keeping my medical catastrophes straight,” three months later, she had a stroke.

Turner recently revealed that she was first diagnosed with high blood pressure in 1978; the condition has since severely affected her kidneys.

Bach stunned his wife in 2016 by offering to donate one of his kidneys.

“He said he didn’t want another woman or another life,” she recalled in her autobiography. Next, he did something that completely floored me. He offered to donate one of his kidneys to me, he said.

In a blog article for Show Your Kidneys Love, published in March of the following year, Turner discussed life after the transplant.

She said her immune system attacked the new organ and “required more hospital admissions.” Tuner noted at the time of publication that “problems are still not quite resolved.”

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