Ethan Duran on How He Revolutionized the Luxury Automobile Space with Corsa Auto Rental

Starting a business requires a lot of hard work without any pause or rest. If you are serious about the work, you will reap the benefits as you go along and even make a name for yourself in the market. The same thing is now happening with Ethan Duran, an entrepreneur who has been a part of the automobile industry since he was a teenager and who currently makes 7 figures doing business in the luxury automobile rental sector.

“I come from a family of immigrants that came to the U.S. about 20 years ago. My mother was a single parent and worked very hard so that I could achieve my dreams. So, when I became successful, I paid off her debts and bought her a car and a house as a present. But most important of all, I inspired her to follow her own passion. She now owns a local business and makes over 400 thousand a year,” said Ethan. A confident and hard-working young man, Ethan has read as many books as he could and also gone through several educational courses in search of the success he has today. He has many LLCs to his name and has held many titles such as a real estate agent, in real estate wholesale, in e-com, in investment banking, and so on, but none of these titles gave him the amount of success and attention that Corsa Auto Rental has given him.

Initially, Ethan wanted to do investment banking, but once he saw the potential of the exotic car rental business, it changed his life for the better. “I made $2.7 million dollars during my first year alone, which drastically changed my lifestyle. It shows that hard work and strong will can really make a difference in your life,” said Ethan. For him, it is not simply to be the best at the exotic car rental business that drives him, but also to help the customer at every turn. That’s the intention with which Corsa Auto Rental was started. Now, after nearly 5 years in the business, Ethan is working on his other projects such as the Corsa Auto Rental Miami, Corsa Models, Corsa Water Sports, and Corsa Media. He even started the Exotic Car Rental Academy, a course where he teaches the trade secrets of his rental business and also shares tips on how to be successful.

Ethan’s hard work has changed the luxury automobile car sector and it is only a matter of time before we are treated to all the other benefits that Ethan comes up with.

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