Every Type of Wedding Chair You Can Rent

Every Type of Wedding Chair You Can Rent

Every Type of Wedding Chair You Can Rent: Organising a wedding means juggling many tasks at the same time. From the ceremony decor to the reception essentials, everything needs to be seamlessly planned. That being said, wedding chairs are a must-have for your special day. After all, your guests need to be seated. Furthermore, the chairs you select will also affect your wedding decor and overall aesthetic. Thus, renting the correct type for the ceremony and the reception is of vital importance.

However, it’s not smart to put off this obligation until the last minute, especially if your wedding venue doesn’t offer them. Also, bear in mind that a big part of your wedding photos will feature the chairs, and depending on the number of guests you are expecting, there may be hundreds of them needed for your celebration.

You are probably not familiar with all the types of chairs for weddings, so we thought we give you a basic guide that will make your decision-making process smoother. Have a look and consider which selections from these common wedding chair categories best suit your taste.

Ideas for Wedding Chair Rentals

Are you prepared to choose your wedding chairs? Here are a few of the most popular designs, which you can rent and upgrade the aesthetic of your ceremony or reception.

The peacock chair

These stunning desigs are a must-have for any boho wedding. Peacock chairs often have a striking, strongly vaulted back that spreads out like a peacock’s tail. They are constructed of rattan or white wicker.

Wooden benches

Instead of having individual chairs, use long wooden benches to maintain a casual and relaxing atmosphere. For a contemporary rustic atmosphere at your wedding reception, pair dark brown seats and farm tables.

Chiavari chair

Among the most sought-after wedding chair designs is this imitation bamboo choice. Although rental firms occasionally provide vibrant hues, pastels, or even translucent versions of Chiavari chairs, these are typically found in natural wood, earthy colours, or metallics. They can be left naked or decorated with fabric covers, and are most frequently used for special events like elegant weddings.

Ghost chair

Ghost chairs often have rounded backs, although square backs are also available for an ultra-modern appearance. They are constructed of lucite or acrylic and are often employed in a clear finish for a sleek, minimalist aesthetic. But if you want to make a statement for your special occasion, search for a coloured ghost chair alternative.

Crossback chair

The Tuscan-inspired style of these wedding chairs has a wood grain finish and a distinguishing “X” on the back. Cross-back chairs are among the most beautiful designs, perfect for barn, garden, winery, and farm settings, epitomising rustic elegance.

Bistro wooden chair

Bentwood cafe chairs will give your wedding a touch of European style. They portray laidback elegance and are ideal for weddings held in classy restaurants, museums, or lofts. Michael Thonet, a well-known chair builder, popularised this attractive form in the 1800s.

English garden chairs
There are many rental firms for antique furniture where you may find these lovely wrought-iron pieces. These come in various styles, such as traditional scrolls, preppy lattice, and sweethearts. Just remember to supply cushions! For a garden or backyard wedding, metal chairs are a great option.

Cane-back chairs

They come in a wide range of hues and designs. Some incredible options include even cane panels bleached or decorated with gold foil. The design also includes a back panel of sun-dried grasses or bamboo. These are a perfect choice if you want to add a touch of vintage sophistication to your big day, thanks to their centuries-old design, which traces back centuries.

Opera chairs

Opera chairs, like Chiavari, are a classic option if you’ve been planning a formal wedding. They have an Old World look and are reminiscent of classic opera theatres in Europe because of their rounded shape, delicate spindles, and gilded finish. If gold isn’t your style, you can find these seats in black, silver, and clear acrylic.

Foldable lawn chairs

These are a popular option for weddings of any type because they can both be left unadorned or quickly accessorised with aisle markings and other decorations. Wooden foldable chairs are a fantastic choice for a relaxed wedding and are perfect for couples looking to add a touch of timeless elegance without going overboard.

Velvet chair

Velvet chairs, which have a bucket-style shape akin to moulded chairs, will go well with a contemporary, hip wedding motif. Their straightforward style effortlessly fits into the rest of your décor and features both wooden and metal legs.

Chameleon chair

These may not be familiar to you because they are frequently covered with cloth or otherwise concealed. Due to their festive crossing bars, such wedding chair rentals also are referred to as fanfare chairs. The metal frameworks can be personalised by adding vibrant cushions, chic ribbons, or eye-catching slipcovers. For a more modern design, they can alternatively be left bare.

Infinity chair

Also known as the phoenix chair, the infinity has an oval back with two circles that overlap and form a pattern resembling a loop. The ultimate result is an “infinity” effect because it is impossible to determine where the boundaries of each circle are. In our opinion, these are perfect for a classy event. Plus, infinity chairs are available in a variety of hues.

Wishbone chairs

The wooden “V” on the curving back of this adornment for a bridal chair gives it its name. The 1949 original Danish design is still quite popular these days, particularly for boho and mid-century modern themes. Options for wood finishes include light, dark, and bleached.

Finding local wedding rental businesses that serve your area is the best place to start – in case your wedding venue doesn’t provide chairs or if you’re looking for more decorative alternatives to go with a specific theme. In case you need more info on dancing on a cloud, photo booths, Indian wedding mandap rentals, or wedding name monograms; feel free to visit our web or get in touch.

Before contacting potential sellers, it can be helpful to get a general notion of the type you desire. Some chairs might be harder to acquire or only accessible through specialized providers. Don’t forget to see our website for available inventory.

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