Everything You Need To Know About Virtual Terminals For Credit Card Processing

Everything You Need To Know About Virtual Terminals For Credit Card Processing

Everything You Need To Know About Virtual Terminals For Credit Card Processing: In terms of credit card processing, a virtual terminal works similarly to a physical credit card machine for businesses used by merchants. Since it’s hosted online, a computer, tablet, or mobile can be turned into a credit card terminal using the software. Since it can be operated even through a mobile merchant can accept payment from customers anytime anywhere as convince. Business owners can collect payments as quickly as possible with online or virtual terminals without having to present their customers at the time. It is also possible for other people (staff members) to gain access while using a virtual terminal, and there are different levels of authority. 

Physical card machine for business requires your customer to tap, swipe or insert their card and enter their PIN to complete the transaction. As mentioned before virtual terminal works in a similar way. But in the virtual terminal, the vendor himself can input the cardholder’s information and request payment.

Working of a virtual terminal can be concluded in the following steps. 

  • Merchants must log in to their payment provider’s virtual terminal. 
  • Next, the vendor fills out a form provided by the payment provider’s secure website with customer details.  (Better to do it while the customer is on phone.)
  • As the final step, click submit and process your order.

What types of businesses can benefit from having a Virtual Terminal?

The use of virtual terminal solutions is beneficial to businesses of all types due to their innovative nature. The nature of the transactions they have with their customers makes it the most preferred payment method for some businesses. Which are they?

We are listing down the businesses for whom virtual terminal solutions can be a blessing. 


If you run a restaurant business and most of your customers aren’t buying your food through delivery apps, instead they are phoning in their orders. As a result, you don’t have to pay commissions for food delivery services. However, when it comes time to collect payments from customers, you need a method for doing so. A virtual terminal streamlines the delivery process by allowing orders to be processed and payments collected over the phone. Virtual terminal solutions are a must-have if you offer curb-side pickup.


In today’s world, professional services such as law firms, medical clinics, and accountants don’t work as they used to. Before the pandemic, in-person visits were more common, and subsequently in-person payments too. Online payments have also increased in popularity as teleconferencing platforms such as Zoom have become increasingly popular. Moreover, a virtual terminal also allows you to set up recurring billing. Such a feature is ideal for businesses that issue invoices on a regular basis.


In the case of setting up a new shop and needing to accept payments immediately, virtual terminal solutions are the best solution. All you need is an internet connection—no hardware is required. A virtual terminal can be used right away, unlike a physical POS system that must be shipped and installed. 


Those working remotely, such as writers, graphic designers, and others, may not interact with their clients face-to-face. Further, they usually take on longer and more complex projects that can last weeks or even months. Considering this, they do not process large transactions and do not require a POS system in its entirety. Their virtual terminal will allow them to accept payments over the phone and online and provide payment choices to clients.

What is a virtual terminal for credit card processing?

In comparison with other card payment solutions, a virtual terminal gives the vendor complete control over the transaction. Payment gateways typically include virtual terminal solutions as one of their features. It is not necessary to purchase any hardware to run a virtual terminal solution. The vendor is the one who inputs and initiates the transaction details.  Why today’s VR ecosystem needs metaverse integration

As soon as the vendor enters customer details and clicks submit to claim payment, the virtual terminal will forward his request to the bank. The cardholder’s bank will check and authorize customer details and approve or decline payment details following that. In the case of an approved or declined payment request, both the merchant and the customer will receive a message notification. If the payment request is successful, the merchant’s account will be credited with the amount.  It only takes a few seconds for all this to happen.

Benefits of a virtual terminal for credit card processing

1. Reduce the rate of payment processing

You can process payments with ease using a virtual credit card terminal, whether you receive information by phone, email, or postal mail. You can set up your merchant account to accept “card not present” transactions at a qualified rate if you use this solution. You can save hundreds (or thousands) of pounds every month by using this rate instead of a non-qualified rate on a card machine for business.

  1. Make recurring credit card payments

Recurring payments are one of the biggest advantages of online virtual terminal solutions. Using the virtual terminal, enter the credit card number, set the recurring payment date, and let it handle the rest. Recurring payment businesses often struggle to locate clients and members to collect payment information. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of recurring billing and the improved cash flow you’ll experience by switching to a virtual terminal.

  1. Ensure that customer data is securely stored for future transactions

All business owners should prioritize managing their customers’ financial information. You might be violating PCI DSS compliance rules if you physically store customer credit card information. With a secure online virtual terminal provider, you can handle and store credit card data in compliance with PCI DSS. Customer data is securely stored by the virtual terminal provider for future purchases, so your business is not at risk of data breaches.

  1. Gain 24/7 access to your records

When you use a virtual credit card terminal, you can control the entire payment process from beginning to end. As a result, you also have 24/7 access to your records. Small businesses are not easy to run. There is a lot of late-night activity and weekend activity. It’s likely that you’re tying up loose ends outside of typical work hours. Your budget can be balanced from anywhere with a virtual payment terminal.

Data related to your customers and payment records can be accessed using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. It is beneficial for business owners to have this type of access because it boosts their efficiency and ensures their safety.

  1. Reducing costs and improving cash flow

With virtual terminal credit card processing, your business can run smoothly while staying cost-effective. It can be very frustrating to try to collect late payments. You may experience insufficient funds, late payments, and a lack of clarity regarding your cash flow if you process checks. Especially when considering invoicing costs, this is a headache for business owners who still use paper invoices.

Using an effective virtual terminal can help you deal with all these hurdles. Fast and easy payments are among the benefits of a virtual credit card terminal.

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